Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Warriorschool Freeing Yourself

Remember God Hand from the Empowerment cycle in Warriorschool? Remember Void from the Bujinkan? Watch how a Spiritual Master goes into a real fight and see who wins!

Watch how easy it is to deceive people with Quirkology!

See what people can do to you when you trust them. Quirkology is a theme that was created by a psychologists who likes to do practical experiments. Check out this video and see if you notice what is happening. Very intriguing.

Out of Body Experiences
Remember all the supposed 'Spiritual Experiences' you were supposed to have? Feeling demons around you, angels, auras, visions and floating out of your body? Well check this out! Could there be a different explanation for all of this?

Check the older posts for more detailed analysis and yet more videos. You will also encounter some polls that you can fill out.

Jeff Prather Warriorschool Cult