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Sensitivity Training and Brainwashing like Warriorship Cult

Penn &Teller Bullshit Sensitivity Training Part 2

0:30 to 1:43

In this article I recorded as many quotes and explanations as I could. Just watch the video. I will try to re edit my writing in the future. This is a rough draft.

Penn and Teller explain how sensitivity training in the workplace is bullshit. I don't totally agree with them, but they do an analysis of the process and show that a large part of it is based on financial gain and law suit prevention. I am sure that it teaches people how to be more courteous, understanding and respectful of others and I don't mind that. There are some seriously offensive and rude individuals out there, and no one should have to put up with their crap in the workplace. Penn and Teller however want to expose the manipulative and brain washing aspects of this training and I found it compelling and similar to Warriorship.

My favorite part was of Kurt Lewins who is considered the father of modern psychology. He had escaped Germany while it was controlled by the nazi's. His goal was to understand group dynamics that the Germans had so successfully used. He wanted to develop a similar system that could be used for good rather than evil. He was the original professional manipulator, before it became the thing to do.

His formula for achieving this goal of cohesive group dynamics involved a manipulation process of 3 stages. All parts were directed at changing the mindset of the people.

1. Unfreezing - in which the persons mindset is opened up
2. Change - in which the persons mindset is modified
3. Freezing - in which the mindset is crystallized, so that it will function in a solid fashion without being compromised to its original and flawed position. The goal is to make the mindset function in a subconscious way. Ideally the subject would become aware of their own mindset and continue to modify it to match the indoctrination philosophy. This would be the ideal stage.

In Warriorship all of these stages were pretty clear. The power of any cult or mind control organization is that the standards and beliefs are raised to such a high level, that the members are constantly putting themselves in stages where they unfreeze themselves, change their mindset to conform to the philosophies or books of the organization and then radically cling to the new mindset.

In Warriorship I wasn't being forced by my 'Job' or some lame ass 'Corporation' to change my mindset in order to be a better 'employee'. In Warriorship and Budo Taijutsu I had accidentally found some great people who had far more wisdom than I did. My passion led me to them, their lives were much more sophisticated, I wanted that life and therefore I was willing to do anything to join them. The warrior mindset allowed them to overcome fears, weaknesses and develop boldness that is unheard of in the civilian realm. That was such a powerful concept to me, that I wanted to scrap my own mindset and take on that of people with real experience and knowledge of the wisodom of the past. Once I had made that realization and commitment I lowered my guard and became an easy victim.

I have been to some political trainings and stock market investment trainings which were not as powerful, sexy or interesting as Warriorship. They didn't capture my heart, nor inspire me to an equivalent degree. I was very skeptical of the politicians and the stock market guys who were trying to sell me $45,000 worth of training and I never even expected that they would try to brainwash me. But after 3 x 8 hour days of listening to these groups I noticed that they had put me under a spell. That spell was the exact same that Warriorship had put on me. I became enthralled and mesmerized by the charismatic leader. I became exceptionally happy, because my mindset had been favorably changed to prepare me for greatness and opportunities I had never before considered. I had powerfully and practically performed actions that gave me tantalizing social feedback (expanding my credit line and performing speeches in front of the groups). The training also exhausted my attention to such a degree that my mind was silenced so that I wasn't even able to intellectually or critically analyze things. I was also often confused and the teachers could not sufficiently explain simple topics to me. In other words, my brain started shutting down. By the end of the 'trainings' I was ready to be taken advantage of. I knew that I should just avoid doing anything and watched how others paid $45,000 for bullshit training or became convinced and dedicated to this political party.

The facilitator is a professional change agent and she will start with affection and then move people around to a preconceived opinion that has already been ordained.

The change agent wants to achieve homogenized thought

These manipulations are considered horribly unethical and anybody can use these techniques.

according to Beverly Eckman
Author Lecturer Speechwriter and Columnist

Their training will yoke every individual to the collective dog sled

Carrot = a better way to treat people that is more respectful, compassionate or virtuous. Better identity and wise world view and framework. Bringing everyone onto the same page and avoiding unnecessary or accidental conflicts.

Trap = surrender of individuality, personal defensive mental framework and ability to guide your own identity.

They don't want people who will think outside of the box.

They want people who won't make waves.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mentalism Magic and how Human Nature Leads us to Superstition and Exploitation

Mentalism is a form of magic. Instead of using objects or slight of hand, mentalism seeks to trick, deceive and lead the mind. Ideally it is meant for entertainment and can be a very fun thing to watch.

Some people get carried away with the craft of mentalism however and get caught up in the power, fame and status it bestows on them. Those people then use that power to exploit others. Mentalism is possible, because most of us are extremely unaware of ourselves, life or liars and can't anticipate exceptional deceptions which might be perpetrated upon us by predators. Most of us who watch mentalism for entertainment can walk away from the experience more aware of ourselves and possible scams we might encounter in the future, but there are others who are not so fortunate. Some people can't watch magic or mentalism and learn from it. There is a part of the population that can not separate reality from fantasy. They will be fascinated by the show and want to believe in 'magical' and 'mystical' things no matter what. These people will be convinced that all the tricks were spiritual and supernatural paranormal events, even if you tell them otherwise. It is our human nature to be amazed and believe in spiritual things, even if they are not logical, real or provable.

I recently listened to a science podcast which discussed this very aspect of our human nature.


Web Page

"Lewis Wolpert - The Evolutionary Origins of Belief"

In this discussion with D.J. Grothe, Lewis Wolpert explores the evolutionary origins of belief, and argues that atheism is unnatural while belief in gods is not. He details the relationship between tool-making and belief in God, and shows how human primates are unique in this regard. He explains why he thinks it is so hard for people to give up their unbelievable beliefs. He shares his views on organized religion, including how it benefits believers, and examines if the same tools of science and reason can equally be applied to beliefs about the paranormal. He also debates the usefulness of argumentation with believers.

We are hard wired to believe in God and supernatural explanations which might prevent us from discovering the true causes of events. If indeed this is our default behavior as humans, then it follows from this, that those humans who can restrain their human nature, think, study, research and test their beliefs will learn more about 'true reality' than the untrained humans. Those who can restrain their silly human nature will then easily be able to manipulate and control those people who are less knowledgeable and undisciplined.

Lewis Wolpert is Professor of Biology as Applied to Medicine in the Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology of University College, London, focusing his research on the mechanisms involved in the development of the embryo. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society, and the Royal Society of Literature. So feel free to listen to the expert discuss the matter on his MP3 interview.

Below is a six part video from the BBC which will explain mentalism and how it works. All of the experts admit that tricks and deception can be used to bring about any sort of belief, worship or devotion. Reality and fact are of no issue, but only the audiences perception plays a role. If you can anticipate peoples thoughts or make them believe that you are doing things in an extrasensory sort of impossible way, then you will blow them away and fascinate them. Some people will be entertained and amazed, but others will be convinced you have supernatural powers. Once people start believing you have supernatural powers, anything could really happen. One lady explained how the press began wildly exaggerating stories about her skills and her credibility kept growing and growing beyond what she had truly done. Yuri Geller happened to pawn himself off as a sort of Miracle Worker (through tricks and deception) in a time of chaotic turmoil in the world and gained a nearly instantaneous and world wide following overnight. People wanted and needed to believe in a person with a supernatural and 'non-human' ability to solve problems. Later it is explained how 2 women started the spiritualism movement in the USA through simple deception and trickery, and people wouldn't believe them when they explained how they conned everyone. There is an inner nature inside of us that wants to believe these things. Once a person is exposed to something like magic, mentalism or powerful 'spiritual experiences' like they happen in Warriorschool it can short circuit our logic and reason and we can fall into a sort of mindless devotion. It is spooky, but once you see it at work you might be able to gain some perspective or wake up a little. When Jeff Prather was teaching us martial arts, meditation, or Warriorschool stuff he was 20, 30 or 40 years ahead of us. He knew a lot about human nature that most of us were ignorant of. He could anticipate our thoughts and behavior. He didn't have to read minds, he just had to recognize the conclusions we would be coming to. Those conclusions would be obvious if you had enough experience. Just like the mentalist he would have been able to use this 'wisdom' or knowledge to his advantage. Jeff Prather and Budo Taijutsu both claim that we have supernatural psychic powers and that played into his hands as well, giving him the credibility of a mystical spiritual authority. He become a sort of miracle worker to us and his abilities were wildly exaggerated. He received all the feedback that a scam artist and fraudster can elicit through tricks. That should make you suspicious right there.

Watch and learn:

If you notice in the last few videos Derren Brown is on the train and makes a man forget where he is headed. Then he touches his head and helps him remember. These are types of things that Jeff Prather would do to us during martial arts or with the God Hand exercises. He showed us he had abilities we never knew were truly possible. He would tell us things and show us things that would absolutely fascinate us and that takes you out of the boring and mundane. His teachings transported you back to that time when you were a child and you were utterly amazed by life. The person who can do that to you, becomes immediately powerful in your eyes. If you can't explain what is going on, but enjoy the experience, then that person can then take advantage of you, which is what Jeff Prather is doing.

Some people accuse the astrologers, psychics and religious/spiritual hypocrites of this world for being complete frauds, scammers and without a conscience. Although it might be absolutely true for some it might not be true for others. I know when I was heavily involved with the spiritual life, I actually was convinced that spiritual realities were at play. I engaged others on this level and truly believed I was bringing these spiritual treasures to them. Looking back on it all, I don't hold it against myself. It was absolutely natural, absolutely convincing and absolutely exhilarating. Although I was wrong, I am glad I went through this whole experience. It was worth it. Now that I know better I am glad I came out the other end free and intact.

Here is a quote from Michael Shermer who is explaining what Skepticism and Science are:

"The default position in science is that: whatever it is you think you believe in, it is not true, unless you prove it otherwise"

In other words, humans are stupid and wrong. Their natural tendencies will lead them astray. Only science is a true guide in separating superstition from truth, and reality from fantasy.

Steven Pinker said:

"The first few years of college are designed to merely unteach everything the students think they know from personal experience, feeling and folk wisdom, because it is most likely completely wrong". That is a paraphrase.

I wish I had learned more about mentalism, magic, science and skepticism as a kid. It would have saved me a lot of trouble. It isn't too late. We can keep educating ourselves.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Warriorschool Negative Conditions Analysis

If you consider Warriorschool and all of the things it offers you, you might be astonished. But consider what might be its dark side, that you would leave it all for, if you found out about it. Let's analize the darker side of Warriorschool. If you knew these things were going on personally would you still stay? Would it still be worth all the fellowship or teaching?

Child Molestation - I have not heard of anything like this happening in Warriorschool.

Rape - There are allegations and a possible lawsuit related to this. Considering the vulnerability of people, the spiritual and sexual healing component, this is a real serious possibility.

Murder - I know for a fact that one of the most senior 'englightened' guys has absolutely undoubtedly murdered people. This guy ended up leaving the organization, because Prather kept trying to get him to break up with his girlfriend who is now his wife. Long story short, this guy was out drinking one night with a bunch of friends and they encountered a group of men who were armed. The murderer told the story as if he defended himself from the attackers, but I believe that he and his buddies did something to bring the situation on themselves. In the fight this guy ended up killing at least one person. I always found this story so suspicious, but when you are with an organization like Warriorschool you give your friends the benefit of the doubt. You figure, well he just defended himself from a bunch of thugs and robbers. Now I think different. Anyway, once I had left Warriorschool I happened to be invited to this guys place of work and met some people that used to work with him. They said he was a 'scary and dangerous guy'. I asked for clarification and the ex-coworker told me about a conversation they had had at one time. The Warriorschooler had said: "Do you know how to tell if you killed a man?" And his ex-coworker said 'No'. Then the Warriorschooler replied: "You can smell it, when he shits his pants after you snap his neck". The way the guy told the story was so sick. I was disgusted to think I admired this guy and thought he was enlightened at one time. The other thing I remember tripping me out about this guy, was the fact that he visited a prostitute while he was engaged to the woman he actually ended up marrying. How retarded, and to talk about it. That didn't win any respect from me. All of these things just kept adding up.

Serious bodily injury (ill willed) - I know for a fact that Jeff Prather seriously lost his temper one day and gave a student third degree burns on his hand with an AR-15 rifle.

Brainwashing - If you study cults and brainwashing you will absolutely confirm that this is going on.

Illegal activity that could get people arrested - I know of one guy who was a bracelet who ended up leaving the organization in deep fear. He was afraid of retaliation and was convinced that Jeff Prather had asked him to commit or do something that could possibly get him put into a dangerous prison. He kept saying: "I have visited prisons and I told myself 'I will never be locked up with those animals! They are animals in there". The same guy would get into fights with his wife and beat her. She may have hit him too. Another top bracelet would beat his wife, punch her in the stomach is what I heard. And another guy at the very top supposedly would beat his wife as well. That is criminal behavior and if it is true, then some of those guys who work for the government are endangering their careers. Some law enforcement careers will actually possibly fire you or at least take away your weapon if you are convicted of a crime or domestic violence.

Enslavement of trainees - Ok not full blown enslavement, but something kind of like it.

Illogical and unverifiable teachings - The worldview of Warriorschool is illogical. They try to say that all religions are practically the same, or that is the message I got. If you know anything about world religions you will know that they completely contradict and are at odds with each other on many levels. Also I can't verify if Jeff Prather was supposedly resuscitated or resurrected.

Finding out the leader is a 'bad' person - yes, he cheated on his wife, seriously injured students in bad will and is taking sexual liberties with students.

Anti-Bible, Anti-Christian, Anti-Jesus Christ beliefs or teachings - they will yell at you if you quote the bible and talk bad about you if you are committed to the real Jesus Christ of the gospels.

Drunkenness - I have also seen Jeff Prather wasted off of alcohol and arguing with people about driving home drunk. What morons, putting other peoples lives at risk. That was one of the last things I needed to see them do.

Warriorschool Should I Stay or Should I Go?

If you are taking some time out to think about staying in Warriorschool or leaving it, consider this.

1. Why did you join Warriorschool? What exactly was your own personal reason?
To experience a richer life?
To be like the bracelets whom you admire?
To challenge yourself and get to know yourself? To live with purpose and at your full potential?

2. Warriorschool is a powerful organization, teaching powerful things. There could be accidents, disgruntled detractors and basic human weaknesses that become visible. All these elements can be overlooked. What sort of conditions need to exist in the group, in the leaders, in the trainees or in your own life that would make you leave for good?

Child Molestation



Serious bodily injury (ill willed)


Illegal activity that could get people arrested

Enslavement of trainees

Illogical and unverifiable teachings

Finding out the leader is a 'bad' person

Anti-Bible, Anti-Christian, Anti-Jesus Christ beliefs or teachings

3. If any of these conditions exist, then how would you be able to find out about it, before it is too late? What would you do, if these conditions start popping up? Will you maintain enough of a support network outside of Warriorschool to fall back on if indeed things go seriously wrong?

If you consider these questions and spend enough time with Jeff Prather or Warriorschool you will learn a lot. See if you can ask these questions and what sort of answers you get. If you keep these parameters in mind you will be able to stay, leave or keep enough of your individuality to maintain your free will. None of us want bad things to happen to us. None of us want to support bad people or organizations. Most people join Warriorschool and Jeff Prather, because they are teaching a quality of life we otherwise never would have learned. Just ask yourself how much this 'good life' is ultimately worth. What are you willing to sacrifice for it? Your autonomy, freedom, money, sex, marriage, friends?

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Warriorschool Cult Prather Myspace Page

More Prather Cult Warriorschool Info

Here is a guy named Jarad who seems to have lost his wife to the "Warriorcult" as he cleverly calls it. Follow the web link immediately below for more information. You can also read some excerpts from his blog farther below.

Blog Excerpts

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

It is amazing that it is so difficult to find what category to place these blogs in. One would think that dealing with a cult would call for the category - Philosophy/Religion. Yet I worry that it somehow gives credence to Jeffrey's little cult by calling it Philosophy/Religion. So, I opted for "Dreams and Supernatural", why?...because "complete idiocy and fallacy" isn't available as a category.

Clockwise. Prather once instructed my ex that she must turn clockwise four times each morning and then bow to the sun. This is part of the sun ceremony. I asked her about clockwise. Her response was that Prather said that counter-clockwise is evil and clockwise is good. I asked her to elaborate; she got upset. Not her fault, Prather's teachings lack explanation and historical reference. He is really good at the "Karate Kid" kind of teaching, but when asked for references...well, he can't really back things up.

Before we go any further, I want you to do something for me; spin you finger clockwise - as your looking down upon you finger. Continue spinning your finger. Make sure that you are indeed spinning your finger clockwise. Slowly move your head under your finger that is continuing to spin clockwise. When your head is completely under you finger, you may notice that your finger is actually spinning counter-clockwise - oh my God, have you suddenly become evil?! No, it is just a matter of perspective. If you listened to, umm. how shall we say, those less informed, somebody like Prather, then the entire Southern hemisphere is evil. How did this happen?!

Clockwise developed due to the observation of a gnomon's shadow as caused by the Sun. A gnomon is the vertical part of a sundial. In the Northern hemisphere the shadow travels clockwise, and in the Southern hemisphere the shadow travels counter-clockwise. The tracking of time really took off in the Northern hemisphere, in fact, we still tell official time based on the Greenwich Mean Time. Prather hasn't grasped this fact. So unfortunately for those of you in Australia who are currently worshipping Prather - he thinks you are evil. The problem comes in that Prather isn't very well studied, he kind of makes stuff up as he goes. He bastardized Apache traditions where they turn in the four cardinal directions prior to a number of their ceremonies.

I have to get going - past my bedtime. To sum up - everything depends on perspective. If you have reduced ability to be aware of your surroundings, maybe you have a limited capacity to reason, then maybe you can be forgiven for making such an audacious statement as "counter-clockwise is evil". For the rest of the thinking world, we know BS when we hear it.

Again, take care of yourself, take care of others, God bless,


PS: Reading back through this, I may add some more to this, but you get the genereal idea.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The End is Near
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Mornin' All,

I have been continuously asked by friends and family why I am blogging about Warriorcult (aka warriorschool). Giving this inquiry serious thought has led to my decision to wrap this up. I will post the blogs that I have been writing in my brain over the last year and after that...I will check in monthly to keep this page alive and I will always respond to any email that is sent my way.

Why have I been doing this? Hatred of Prather? Haranguing my ex-wife? No. While it may have had ominous beginnings, my bloggin became altruistic all too soon. I freely admit that I was just venting in the first couple of months. I very much loved my ex-wife, part of me continues to love her. So, yes, I was upset at losing her to something as ludicrous as a cult. ...then the emails came. One or two emails at first, and then I was getting a couple of emails a month. All of these emails had roughly the same refrain. I received questions like: can you help me get my fiancé out of this cult, can you save my spouse, what can I do to get my family member out of this cult, and so on and so on. I didn't know what to do. I didn't have answers for any of these people. I wrote them back and told them what happened to me, and maybe try something different because obviously what I tried didn't work.

Then other rather disturbing emails came in: the DEA asking if I knew anything about "sexual healings" or any other "bizarre cult behavior", Jeffrey Prather's ex-wife asking me for information about Jeffrey's downward spiral, had I heard about Jeff burning one of his students, rape allegations, etc. Almost weekly was I receiving emails about horrible accusations against Prather - all the way from blasphemy, adultery, and assault. I just couldn't turn my back against that.

The fact is that Prather has already taken so much from me, not just time and money, something more, something priceless.... I cannot allow him to take any more than what he already has. In the next couple of months, I will roll out my remaining research into Prather's inadequacies, after that - I'm done.

At present I have three more blogs planned. I do have a few other requests out there for interviews - if those come to fruition, I will blog those as well.

I apologize if I am letting anybody down. I feel that I have said enough and demonstrated enough to leave no excuse for anyone to associate with Jeffrey Prather or any of his various levels of cult. At this point, if your not in Warriorcult to save a loved one, then as far as I am concerned you are aiding and abetting Prather. There are so many other outlets for exploration - go back to church, join a community center, volunteer at a charity, give something back to the community instead of just taking.

Thank you to everybody who has supported me in the last two years and please allow me this opportunity to completely get Prather out of my life.

God Bless,