Thursday, May 7, 2009

Deconvert from Religion or Spiritual Delusion

Any of you who are part of Prathers' cult or may have been a part of the cult in the past probably have some questions floating around in your mind. You probably have some doubts and unanswered issues you were not able to resolve.

When I was part of Warriorschool I always wondered what was true? Was it what I had been taught? Was it what the majority did and believed? Was Prather right? Religion? Was it personal mystical experience? So on and so forth.

Having been part of Warriorschool was an inspiring and powerful experience. I still value many of the lessons to this day as extremely valuable. Prather taught us things and made us aware of things, most will never have the luxury of contemplating nor experiencing. But then again, many of the lessons were taught by using brainwashing methods and were designed to open you up to extreme manipulation and exploitation. That's what I have a problem with.

When it came to spiritual experiences, the 6th sense, god hand, psychic abilities, dreaming body, out of body experiences, void, connecting with god, visions, seeing auras, prophecies, revelation or whatever it may have been for you, I remember being fascinated by the possibility that these things existed and worked. It was intriguing and the more I practiced them and searched for them the more I found them. Well I don't believe in any of that garbage any more. At least I don't believe those experiences are supernatural, god related or anything like that.

Below I will post a video that I saw that changed my perspective on these things. It is a video of a man named Michael Shermer. He used to be a strong believer in all kinds of garbage, probably similar to us ex-Warriorschoolers. He is now the head of the skeptics society. He doesn't believe any supernatural stuff any more. Anyway, he was one of the first people to do a practically non-stop bike ride from the east coast of the USA to the west coast. It was extremely stressful, with barely any sleep and he was able to accomplish it in 10 1/2 days or so. His friend did it in 7 1/2 days or something like that. Well anyway, Michael Shermer started having the most bizarre experiences as he was pushing his human body and mind to limits most of us could never even dream of. He reports having psychotic delusions, in which he thought his friends were aliens from outer space, trying to keep him from finishing his bike race. He is aware that the beliefs were delusional, but the stress placed on him was so extreme that he could not really prevent the beliefs from taking root. Replace the words aliens, with God and replace bike race with Warriorschool apprenticeship. That is my conclusion. Jeff Prather and his apprenticeship Warriorschool program puts such a stress on people that they start having psychotic delusions under his care. Then Prather keeps directing people to associate those brain malfunctions with spiritual god experiences. Once he dupes them into believing that, and that Prather is the minister of those super powers, he becomes a god like cult super hero figure.

Here is the video that let me see that extreme stress can bring any human being to believe absolutely false, ridiculous and nonsensical things:

Also read his book called:
"Why people believe weird things"
Michael Shermer goes into great detail explaining the whole event

Ridiculous new Warriorschool Videos

Alright, we have some more videos from Warrior School Cult. Wonderfully enough Jeff Prather himself stars in them. If anyone is unfamiliar with Jeff Prather then this first video will be a real treat. It actually shows his best side. A patriot, a charismatic, caring, gentle and strong guy teaching the troops how to survive in a combat environment. I especially liked what he said about winning hearts and minds in the middle east. The fact that he mentioned it is a war of ideas and that we need to respect the Iraqi's cultural differences pleasantly reminded me of the times I spent with Prather, before everything went absolutely insane. If you have never seen Prather at his best, then this is a decent example of what people are attracted to. But stay tuned, it gets better or dare I say much much worse.

Here is an advertisement they made for one of their products. I don't know if they designed it or are merely marketing it for profit. Nothing wrong with that. But I just remember watching it and thinking it was utterly ridiculous. Watch it for yourself. No major analysis here. Just check it out and see if you don't get some laughs out of it.

And now for the final video review. This one is just fantastically embarrassing. The video titled Air Defense will teach you how to rescue everyone on a hijacked airplane. The words fail me to express my initial reaction. Maybe later I can get into it a bit more. I don't know where they got those poor actors from. The ones sitting down in the airplane. Whenever Prather talks about slitting someones throat or however he puts it, the passengers have this look of shock and horror on their faces. I wonder how much he paid them to do the video. Where did he find them? I am sure they are embarrassed to be associated with something so cheesy. But for those of us who want to laugh at Warriorschool and Prather it is a great video.

Watch it and laugh.