Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lisa Warns that Warriorschool and Jeff Prather are a Destructive Cult

A courageous new comment by Lisa on the Action Skeptics anti-Warriorschool Blog


Lisa said...

If anyone ever actually reads to the end of these comments....

Let me just make some things very clear for those of you on the outer fringe of Warriorschool, or those of you in the "new" WS. It was and is very much a cult and something to be avoided at all costs. IT IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS!!!

How can I make such a claim? Because I've been to hell and back and was personally responsible for writing and distributing all of the Devil's propaganda. Translation - I used to be Prather's PR manager.

Those of you still refuting WS as a cult: I published most of the WS tag lines you're quoting. These are not your free thoughts, these are seeds that were planted. Some of you may be too new to realize you're quoting Prather word for word, and he is more than "weird" He is destructive and has created this cult to prey upon the weak. He wants your money, your validation of his divinity and he will take it by force if necessary. He is a rapist, a liar, and a charming illusionist. And most importantly, very sane in his mission to create an army. He told us that even if we all left him, he would start all over from the ground up. As long as there are people willing to tell him he's right, he will keep abusing his brainwashed followers. He thinks he is Jesus reincarnated, but that little gem was reserved only for his "enlightened elite". To everyone else, he was just a guy trying to make the world a better place. Don't believe him! And don't let him near your loved ones.

I was in the cult for nearly 10 years and it took me nearly 3 more of being out to realize the full gravity of what I had been involved in. I barely survived WS. The cult and its followers took almost everything I had, and that is fact, not exaggeration.

I was so brainwashed by Prather's textbook cult practices that I took it on as my personal mission to spead his filth and poison. I put him on the radio (but he didn't use his real name, I wonder why), I wrote his brochures and websites (when they still contained the real truth of what actually went on before it went underground). And I recruited poor saps to come his Initiation. Please forgive me! I didn't know!

You poor, poor people have no idea that you are spreading the ideas of a sick, sick power hungry man. I won't judge you as being crazy or psychotic. But I will say that you are under the carefully crafted work of a mastermind that created a cult.

Everything that this blog has accused WS of being is hauntingly accurate. If you have been spared some of the disgusting events, then consider yourself lucky. These terrible events did go on, and yes, under the guise of a charitable organization.

There are horrors still not mentioned that I will attest to.

As a former top member, I can tell you, if evil does exist, then Prather embodied it.

If you're still involved, get out while you can. And if you know someone involved, stage an intervention, NOW!
12 June, 2008 06:19

Retardation of Warriorschool Videos Outdoes Itself Again

I have to keep this website updated with new content so people can keep finding it easily. I just saw that Warriorschool released yet more videos. The retardation level becomes increasingly more substantial. Jeff Prather and his followers have published more ridiculous content. Watch it and be amazed.

Here is a supposed Tactical Medicine Video. It is 30 seconds worth of footage of random people leaning over dummies. It has zero teaching value.

This is also a great video. A woman shouts: "Noo" and easily pushes a man to the ground while entering her vehicle. I don't know what sort of robber or car jacker would be pushed over so easily, but obviously Warriorschool thought this was awesome enough to post for the world to see.