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God on the Brain Documentary BBC

Another great BBC Documentary. Called "God on the Brain". They interview Dr. Ramachandran and the before mentioned Dr. Persinger and also Dr. Dawkins about the God experience in the Brain.

There is controversy regarding the research of Dr. Persinger.

Mike gives more information on Warriorschool Prather Jeff and Darin Ashley

Yet more comments from posters. More prominently displayed.

"The Hidden Mountain Bujinkan Dojo"
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Blogger Mike said...

Go to Google and type in warriorschool manual torrent. The manual is out there. Download it and look at page 32 and 33. List of bracelets. Compare the list of bracelets to staff members (

Check out these web sites:

March 15, 2009 8:02 PM

Names associated with Jeff Prather and Darin Ashley

Here are three comment responses to an older post. Not sure if it has been prominently displayed before. Can't hurt to do it again.

Blogger Kamereon said...

You should also add the tags:

Attention to the Crisis (Prather's bogus charity)

Women's Fightback (Prather's intro to drinking kool-aid)

Passages (Karl Koch's offshoot branch of Prather's cult (see:

You might also consider adding tags for his chief worshippers as well:

Amber Meesenburg
Jocelyn Meesenburg
Darrin Ashley
Christa Ashley
Amber Pinnow
Tim Pinnow
Rachel Prather (formerly Rachel Breton)
Louis Breton

Of course there are many others, but the above list are still active and have caused the most damage.

February 27, 2009 3:00 PM
Blogger somebody121 said...

Thanks Kamereon,

I will post up your information right now.

March 11, 2009 9:46 PM
Blogger Spuds said...

He used to use an alias of Jay Frazier or Frasier.

May 20, 2009 9:04 PM

Dr Persinger and the God Helmet and God

That is a video of a church service. You can see mob think and mass hysteria at work here. If you get the right leadership, the right followers and the right experiences you can give people outrageous feelings.

I had already posted other videos that mentioned Dr. Persinger. Here is another quick and short video. Also at the bottom there will be small wiki article on him. He is the creator of the "God Helmet". There appears to be a slight controversy concerning his device and his research. But if you notice, the things he talks about and describes are very similar the other activities that bring about the same effects. Extreme stress, astronaut training, sleep deprivation, food deprivation, isolation chambers and all can bring about these mystical / alien experiences. In Dr. Persingers case he is proposing that electromagnetic fields can powerfully influence the most creative and suggestable people. Especially those with a tendency towards wishful thinking.

Early life

Persinger was born in Jacksonville, Florida and grew up primarily in Virginia, Maryland and Wisconsin. He attended Carroll College from 1963 to 1964, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1967. He then obtained an M.A. in physiological psychology from the University of Tennessee and a Ph.D. from the University of Manitoba in 1971.

[edit] Research and academic work

Persinger focuses much of his work on the commonalities that exist between the sciences, and aims to integrate fundamental concepts of various branches of science[citation needed]. He organized the Behavioral Neuroscience Program at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, which became one of the first to integrate chemistry, biology and psychology[citation needed].

During the 1980s Persinger stimulated people's temporal lobes artificially with a weak magnetic field to see if he could induce a religious state (see God helmet). He claimed that the field could produce the sensation of "an ethereal presence in the room".

Susan Blackmore, a former academic psychologist and parapsychology researcher: "When I went to Persinger's lab and underwent his procedures I had the most extraordinary experiences I've ever had." "I'll be surprised if it turns out to be a placebo effect." [1]

Michael Persinger has also contributed to research into the Miracle of the sun at Fatima and other Marian apparitions. He theorized that the stimulation of the cerebral-temporal lobe may have been the actual cause of the Marian apparition phenomenon. He believes the religious content of the experiences many have been a result of their obsession with religious themes and their lack of education. He has contributed to 2 papers about The Fatima UFO Hypothesis. [2]

The last video is probably the best of all. It offers testimonies of the test subjects.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Negative Reports On Warriorschool Cult and Prather

Older Posts from February 2009

Not sure if I posted these before, but I reread them and they sounded interesting.

I can see that, espically in this Warriorschool case. I also think that there is something going on in our (western/American) society where males feel as if their "normal lives" are not enough. I refrence an article on my blog about the "Suburban Warrior Syndrome":

The author there states:

"A friend of mine is dissatisfied with the modern world–its strip malls and ATM machines, its speed limits and mediated experiences. “I would rather try my luck at a horde of orcs with a broad sword,” he says, “than pay the Visa bill and look for parking.”"

Which I think illustrates part of the reason behind this phenomena. People (mostly males) long to be seen as brave, powerful, respected..and they dont seem to be finding it in their daily lives. People like this Prather character seem to be tapping into this.

Ive read your posts about the whole "lack of western rites of passage", and I agree with you. There are obvious rites of passage in our society but for some reason they do not seem to be enough for some.

26 October, 2008 20:03
Blogger JL said...

Hello everyone,

This is all fascinating to me. I trained in Tucson with Jeff, Todd, PJ, all the bracelets. I apprenticed and went through 2 initiations (one as "initiate" and one as "apprentice"). I went all the way thru Questing before that "uneasy feeling" I'd had since joining finally brought me to my senses. After Prather claimed he was "born, died, and resurrected," I came to my senses and got the hell out of there. This is the first I've heard of all these allegations and accusations albeit I have no doubt of there validity. I saw and heard many very questionable things during my time in WS. I spent many nights at the Prather home in Sonoita "training."

I started training in WS because I thought it would be a great melting-pot of disciplines: Native American, Christian, Japanese, etc. After some time as an apprentice, I was asked to help with "ceremonies" (aka exorcisms). Whenever I asked a question or somehow tried to bring up concerns that I didn't completely buy into the whole thing, I was reprimanded. I left with only a letter to my benefactor explaining my concerns. Since then I was deployed to Iraq with the army and now live and work near Phoenix for Homeland Security.

I hate to think of the people that have been hurt and continue to be hurt. I'm glad I got out when I did...

02 February, 2009 10:10
Blogger jarad said...


Thank you for writing. It is a relief to read your post. Very few people who get that far along...well, most of them are completely brainwashed.

It's nice to see that there are people who can still keep their wits about them. Glad you got out.

I would still love to speak with you if you get the time. You can find me over at

02 February, 2009 13:51
Blogger Mike S. said...

Warriorschool is now called Passages. Only difference is that the name has changed and Karl Koch is the leader now. (URL ). They practice all the same stuff that Warriorschool was doing; using the same Warriorschool manual. They practice the use of putting people in fear of something to control them. Then they use group to lie about and undermine people that do not believe in or practice the Passages program. People that practice Passages program, must be in the Bujinkan under a instructor that in Passages program. Jeff Skillman has been teaching and recruiting at various Bujinkan seminars for the Passages program. Jeff Skillman is one of higher ups in the organization. At dojos that run Passages, they rank people in Passages program real fast to increase there ego. Even if there very bad at doing the Bujinkan training.

13 February, 2009 21:04

Why people believe in Religions

I will do an analysis of this movie as I get a chance. This man talks about all the reasons people follow religion or say they believe in God. What issues do people have with Religion and God, but do not affect them? Why do they not care?

Beyond Belief '06 - Melvin Konner (Part 3 of 4)

This is 3/4 of the video. Feel free to watch all of them. I highly recommend you read all of his slides. They are very informative as to the nature of Religion. Once I saw it all laid out like this, I thought to myself: "I am reasonable, mature and intelligent. I don't need all this BS about God and Religion. I'm just going to give it up." Might help some of you.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Creepy Pictures of Prather Cult Disciples and Future Dojo Victims

Here are some pictures from one of Prathers Dojos Bujinkan parties. Don't these people have access to Google? You'd think these people would do a quick search and realize that the people they are involved with are shady and troubled. Good luck people.

Darin Ashley and the Bujinkan Yamaneko Dojo Cult Leader Enabler - Prather Lite

Darin Ashley
The Cult Leader Enabler

If Jeff Prather is removing his bad name from Warriorschool, then Darin Ashley must be the next guy in line to expose. Here is a quick biography of him.

Darin Ashley graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD and received an M.S. from the University of Arizona in Tucson. He served in the active duty Marine Corps for five years and is a veteran of Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He also served in the Marine Corps Reserves where he was the commanding officer of a Reconnaissance unit. In the Marines he received certifications for dive, parachute, mountain leader, and combat swimmer. He is currently the Chief Operations Officer for Warriorschool in Tucson, AZ where he teaches tactical shooting, driving and fighting skills under contract to government and corporate personnel, as well as to private citizens. He began training in the Bujinkan in 1992 under Jeffrey Prather. He is currently a Yondan and teaches both adult and kids classes. He resides in Marana with his wife Christa.

Here are more people who are associated with Prather through the dojo:

Amber Meesenburg is a Nidan (second degree black belt) and has been training under Shihan Jeffery Prather since 2004. Amber currently serves as the Shibu Liaison coordinating training opportunities between shibus (branches of the main dojo) around the country, and issuing the dojo newsletter. She is also an Assistant Instructor for both women's FightBack and children's Safe Kids courses through Warriorschool. She graduated with a B.A. in Art History in 2002 from New Mexico State University. She has a fourteen year background working with children and families in recreational and educational programs in the southwest. She is an artist, teacher, daughter, sister, and friend. Amber believes in "finding what is of real value to humanity and putting yourself in service to it", and it is that philosophy that leads her to dedicate so much of her time and attention to this dojo.

James Webb first found out about the Bujinkan while attending the University of Arizona in 2003. Having been interested in Martial Arts for some time, but not wanting to learn a tournament or sport driven art the Bujinkan was a perfect fit due to its emphasis on natural, relaxed movement. James is a Nidan and received his black belt in January of 2008. In his spare time he enjoys, reading, painting, drawing, snowboarding, travel, studying Japanese and playing video games.

imgGuest Instructor
Mitch Hayes is the former Sempai of the dojo and started training in the Bujinkan in June of 1997. Mitch received his 1st dan (first degree blackbelt) in November of 1998. Since then he has achieved 4th dan and has been instructing for over 10 years. He has also taught courses for the military CQC (Close Quarter Combat) and Fightback (women's self-defense), both of which were developed by Shihan Jeffrey Prather from this art. In August of 2008 Mitch moved from Tucson and stepped down from being Sempei, he travels to Tucson and teaches as often as time permits. Mitch dedicates much of his time to the dojo because he loves the art and loves teaching. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and learning to play guitar.

Coming soonKids Instructor
Mike Delich is a Shodan and has been training in the Bujinkan for more than six years and is currently teaching the weekday kids classes. He enjoys working with young people and has extensive experience in coaching a number of sports, including at the junior Olympic level. Mike has three daughters, two of which graduated from the U of A. His hobbies include sailing, surfing, and Guitar.

And then of course, how could we forget these folks?

Who are the Founders

imgBujinkan Founder
Grandmaster Hatsumi is the founder and International Director of the Bujinkan Dojo with it's Hombu Dojo residing in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, in an office attached to his home. Dr. Hatsumi is the inheritor of the three Ninjutsu and six Samurai traditions from the late Toshitsugu Takamatsu Soke in the early 1970's, just before Soke Takamatsu's passing in 1972. Hatsumi is an accomplished painter who's art has been presented to various leaders throughout the world. Hatsumi also has received Honorary Doctorates from the USA Human Sciences and Philosophy, Honorary Texas Ranger, Title of Knighthood from Germany, and Blackbelt magazine's Instructor of the Year, and the list continues. For more information on Hatsumi Soke's Dojo located in Japan, please visit his website at

imgYamaneko Dojo Founder
Jeffrey Prather has trained for over 35 years in Japanese martial arts and is one of a very few 15th-degree blackbelt Shihan (master or gentleman instructor) in the world. He is licensed by Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, Bujinkan Soke, the grandmaster of Budo Taijutsu. The Yamaneko Dojo is an official branch of Hatsumi Soke's dojo. Shihan Prather is a double recipient of Hatsumi Soke's Gold Medal. The first was awarded for his development of the Close Quarter Combat course for the U.S. Marine Corps. and the Army Special Operations Forces, the second for hosting the 1995 Tai Kai, which he had the honor of hosting a second time in 99'. Shihan Prather also has a 10th degree blackbelt in Shinkengata (real life combat). He has written for publications such as Black Belt magazine and has taught the police and military all over the world. Documentation and references available.

Who are the Instructors

imgHead Instructor
David Petersmarck was introduced to the Bujinkan and Budo Taijutsu while living in Germany in 1988. After leaving Germany in 1991, he found it difficult to find a school teaching authentic Budo Taijutsu and continued to train in a variety of martial arts until arriving at the Yamaneko Dojo in 2004. David is currently a Yondan and in 2008 he stepped into the role of Sempai for the dojo. He has also taught courses in Special Weapons and Tactics, Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics, and Hand-to-Hand Combat, as-well-as the military CQC (Close Quarter Combat) Course, which was developed by Shihan Prather. David is an accomplished musician and enjoys playing guitar. Click here to email Dave Sempai.

Warriorschool Contact Info

How do you like that retarded image of the Warriorschool training manual for Airline De-fence? Sweet.

Amazing what is disclosed on the internet.
I like how it says Woman-Owned Business
Maybe it is true that Prathers new wife owns the business. Clever. I wouldn't be surprised if their are benefits to this as well.

8987 E TANQUE VERDE RD #309-245
TUCSON AZ 857499610 USA
Phone: 5208184510 Contracts, For-Profit Organization, Limited Liability Company, Service Provider, Woman-Owned Business 928110, 922120, 611430, 611519, 611699

Courses Registered

U--Weapons Handling Training
Solicitation Number: M0026409T0152
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: United States Marine Corps
Location: Marine Corps RCO - Northeast Region/Quantico/National Capital Region

U--Defensive Driving Course
Solicitation Number: M0026409T0149
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: United States Marine Corps
Location: Marine Corps RCO - Northeast Region/Quantico/National Capital Region

Leadership Structure of Prathers Warriorschool Cult

Here is an article written by Jarad that I didn't recognize. Nicely put.

Monday, October 20, 2008

What Does It Take?
Current mood: awake
Category: News and Politics
I am agitated. Recently I have learned that an acquaintance of mine is still involved with WarriorCult (Warriorschool). This is the same guy that asked me if Prather had done anything harmful to his daughter (meaning: is Jeffrey Prather a pedophile). So, a year ago he is asking me if he needs to take action against Prather for harm against his daughter and now he is cool with training with Prather and co. Freakin' sick! To me this is a lot like saying "you know Hitler - crazy guy, he just isn't for me, but those, what a gang!". Sounds nuts, but take a look. Yes, there was a mass exodus, but Prather still has a number of mindless followers. These automatons are roaming various campuses seeking new recruits. I can't stress enough how important it is to encourage Prather's worshipers to divest themselves of this lunacy. Recently I met with a former insider and heard of horrors that I hoped weren't true. I will expound on this later, but suffice to say Jeff is the homophobe racist and possible pedophile that I thought he was. We all should be looking at everyone involved in this. Anyone who is supporting Prather needs a serious evaluation. Prather has had rape charges filed against him. Prather has purposefully given third degree burns to one of his students. Really, we should consider anyone who helps somebody like Prather as aiding and abetting. Think about it, if you have heard that Prather had possibly raped a young girl and you go to a school and recruit a new young girl - what does that make you?! I have noticed that Prather has become aware that his name is a deficit. Darrin Ashley is in charge of all the military-wanabee aspect of WarriorCult and his borrowed wife (Rachel Breton-Prather) is in charge of the rest. All the leftovers have been relegated to the Meesenburgs (Amber and Jocelyn). I am kind of getting of on a tangent here. What I want to say is that any affiliation with Warriorschool (warriorcult) is detrimental to society at large. If you are training with Dominic Lees, Jeffrey Prather, Jocelyn Meesenburg, Amber Meesenburg, Christa Ashley, or Darrin Ashley - then your are headed down a very wrong road. My personal opinion is that you are evil. Please Take Care and contact me if you need help. God bless, Jarad (aka Kamereon)
9:58 AM

Quick review:

Nice exposition of who is in charge of what. As to Prather being a homophobe, I would say that sounds very unlikely. There were many homosexuals that were part of Warriorschool. Some of Prathers top people were gay. So I don't see how that could be true. I also clearly remember Prather talking about gay people, how he had seen their souls and there is no difference or damage between them and non-gay people.

Jarad Talks about Warriorschool on CNN Blog

Above is the link of an article written by James Polk CNN Senior Producer about cults. I have also pasted the actual article at the very bottom of the page.

One of our anti-Warriorschool activists, Jarad, makes a great post on this CNN blog. Nice promotion. I am surprised it is so hard to find with Google. Well no longer will that be the case. Your post will be presented here front and center. It can be read below.

Jarad November 13th, 2008 6:47 pm ET

A couple of years ago my wife left me for a cult – Warriorschool. It was quite traumatic on me when that happened…and even with that experience in my background, I can’t imagine what it must have been like to live through Jonestown. Every time I read about cults injurying people, it just tears me up. Koresh, Bent, Alamo, Prather – seems like there is no end to Christ wannabees exerting their influence over others.

November 13, 2008
What I’ve always remembered: the children were killed first
Posted: 03:52 PM ET

James Polk
CNN Senior Producer

Thirty years ago, I walked out on the doorstep to pick up the Sunday paper and learned NBC reporter Don Harris, a colleague and friend, had been shot to death on a Guyana air strip.

Like much of the rest of the world, that was the first I’d heard of Jonestown. As an NBC correspondent in those years, I flew to San Francisco to help dig into the background of the Peoples Temple. Soon I became aware it was the children who had been the first to die in Jonestown, and I profiled the unhappy past of one teenager who had been taken there as a welfare ward.

That’s what I’ve always remembered to this day: the children were killed first. To me, it is that unforgivable act which defines the tragedy that was Jonestown.

I’m now a senior documentary producer for CNN, and when I finished a two-hour project in April, “Eyewitness to Murder,” on the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., my boss came up to me and said this will be the 30th anniversary of the Jonestown suicides.

Frankly, I did not want to do the story. It always has been a very ugly event in anybody’s history. PBS’ Stanley Nelson did a great documentary only a couple years ago, and there was no reason to try to repeat his fine work.

But I flew out to San Diego to meet with the two dedicated individuals who run The Jonestown Institute out of their own house as the repository of all the worthwhile research, maintained quite objectively.

I was aware there were survivors of the airport ambush and I thought CNN might be able to tell a different story – one of human survival in the most trying of circumstances — by focusing on those who did manage to live.

By then, I had done enough reading that I also knew of the group who walked away separately that morning. With the Jonestown Institute’s help, I began looking for Leslie Wilson, then 21, who had carried her 3-year-old son to safety in a sheet on her back.

It took another month to find Leslie, not in California where I had been looking, but rather, living in the same suburban Atlanta county as I do, only a few miles away. Her story is remarkable. What’s more, she and my wife have become quite good friends.

The Parks family was the first family to ask to leave Jonestown with Congressman Leo Ryan the day he was murdered on the nearby air strip, and the only church member killed there was Patricia Parks, the mother in the family. I wanted to reach out to them. I kept finding wrong addresses. Finally, the right one popped up for the 12-year-old daughter who was the youngest survivor of that ambush. I wrote her – I don’t like to make cold phone calls, they come as a surprise and there’s no way to make it a personal conversation – and so I send letters first to explain what we’re trying to do.

Tracy Parks phoned me the very next morning, and said she had been praying for someone to take her back to Guyana to say goodbye, after 30 years, to her mother.

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien stood with Tracy at the side of that air strip as she left flowers, a cross and candles as a memorial to the mother whose funeral she had been unable to attend.

The moving moment for me, however, was seeing a network anchor down on her knees in the dirt, digging with her hands, to help Tracy bury a small memorial stone on the site.

Those are the glimpses one rarely gets into the true humanity of the people in television who work to bring stories like these to the public at large, and I do hope this humanity and concern does come through in our documentary, “Escape from Jonestown.”

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Want to be “Warriors” for the power, fear and respect that they believe comes with it

Here is an article that references our web sites. I got this picture from his page.

The guy makes a good point, that Prather very well could have lied about being in combat. I know that Prather supposedly was Shinkengata Certified by Hatsumi. Whatever the spelling is. It means that he has had real life combat experience. I don't know how he supposedly proved that to Hatsumi, but there were very few people in the Bujinkan that even advertised such a designation. Any one have any ideas how Prather proved this? Is it legit? I always figured it was.

Anyway read below for a guys opinion on his third party perspective on Warriorschool and Jeff Prather the cult master.

A site I stumbled across doing some research on “Warriorship” …do a google on that term and take a look at the results. It shows you what the problem is IMO.

This looks like the dark side of having a wanting and/or needing to be a warrior but taking the wrong path..into cultism. No offense meant to any Ninjutsu/Bujinkan folks out there, but they are amongst the biggest offenders of MY whole warrior rant here (again this is just MY OPINION…Im not implying that there is anything inherently wrong or Bad with emulating warriors, I just dont personally agree with it). The Ninjutsu folks really play up the whole “Warriorship” angle, some outright proclaiming themselves warriors. I grew up in the 80’s “ninja craze” days, which as a kid was great. I gobbled up all the Hayes/Hatsumi books I could find…still read them every once and a while…but :

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I
thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish
things.” -1 Corinthians 13:11

Some people are apparently so invested in being “Warriors” that they can become victims of some unscrupulous instructors with “issues”. In those links the main offender is described as a former USArmy Officer with combat experience (claimed..people lie about that sort of stuff). If true, it only goes to show yet another issue with this whole topic. He could very well be a “True Warrior” (combat vet etc.) yet still be a slimy bastard. Being a Warrior and being a “good person” are not always necessarily the same issue. People..deep down..if they can be honest with themselves…want to be “Warriors” for the power, fear and respect that they believe comes with it. That desire is natural as I see it, but once recognized it has to be tempered with thought and reason. Most people just cloak those base desires with the “high minded” gobbledy gook rather than face the truth and deal with it.

Allergic to Critical Thinking

Excerpts from a Bullshido article

Warriorschool: The cult in the Bujinkan's backyard.
Warriorship. What is is, who is it and why is it? It's a cult based on pseudo-native American mythology set up by Jeffory Prather. The following blog articles deal with a personal brush with the cult by a former bujinkan member, and detail some of it's inner workings. Makes for interesting reading.

[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

It's interesting how this cult has sprung up within the bujinkan. It's because it's a "martial art" and "martial arts" (especially one that claims to teach ninjitsu) are very cultish in the first place. Who's ever heard of a boxing cult?

LOL irony--did you see the part about how the WarriorSchool cult guys went way overboard with the table ceremony? They wanted people to pray and thank plants and stuff as if they were Apaches, when they should have been lovingly bowing to a table with a twig on it as if they were feudal Samurai.

Imagine the nerve of those people!

The type of chap drawn to the Bujinkan will always be susceptible to this crap. When I was young and naive I used to train in it. Some of the lads there effectivly worshipped Hatsumi and refused to see through the psuedo-yoda bit. Only a short step and boom you're praying to rocks next to Mr Prather.

I thought Hatsumi was the only 15th dan. But then he does give them out like candy, even my sensei thought so

I seriously need to start a cult. Who volunteers to be my "Cardinals?" (95% cut of your chapter's earning you keep, and I promise to visit once per year. Downside - LARPing.)

This stuff was going around a few years ago. It looks like Prather has toned things down a bit lately. At least publicly. The "Warriorschool" site look like a Blackwater wannabe now rather than some Native American based cult.

Prather apparently was an Army officer. His resume appears carefully worded to imply that he was a Green Beret in the 7th SFG, but there are some people claiming that while he worked at 7th he was not a Green Beret.

Theres a renewed interest for some reason now over on Budoseek.


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Apache Ninjas?
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Will this cult involve recruiting hot women and fornicating with them? If so I'm in as long as there's no Systema involved

Can I handle the money angle? You can have the women.....with money I can buy all of the hot women I want....

Wow. They are certainty out there aren't they?...Everyone wants your money....

Didn't Dale Gribble from King of the Hill attend this warrior school?

I knew a guy that was into this when I was in college (circa 2002). He used to advertise for it on campus and even spoke in front of some the anthropology classes about their initiation rituals.

He used to teach Bujinkan classes on campus that were totally ridiculous. I nearly choked him unconscious in front of about 10 people while he tried some lame defense. I finally let him go when he turned purple. Bear in mind, this wasn't a RNC or anything, I was just standing in front of him with my hands around his neck.

He was a nice enough guy, but he had just drank too much of the kool aid. He actually got his ass kicked one day after talking about how tough you had to be to do Bujinkan.
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Most people in the Buj are allergic to critical thinking. I don't remember the exact quote so I'll just paraphrase Hatsumi from one of his books (can't remember which one) 'Science should take second place to ninjutsu'.

Sometimes my soke embarasses me to no end.

btw which choke escape and gun disarms did they show? just curious

Yeah, sounds like he was trying to use an omote gyaku (outside wrist break) for the disarm. I'll take a guess at how the gaps filled in. The gun was held in the uke's right hand. After stepping to the left (and forward at a 45deg. angle of course)., the sensei's left hand covered the back of the gun hand while his right came up underneath like you said. The sensei then uses both his hands to twist the gun hand clockwise from the uke's perspective, during which the uke let's go of the gun for "safety reasons". That does sound like a pretty awful waza from what you describe.

Omote gyaku is generally a pretty low percentage technique if the uke can easily adjust their position, and is actively resisting/defending against the wrist lock specifically. It has been my experience that when you give a person a weapon their instinct is to focus entirely on the weapon, which would naturally mean they would be immediately aware of attempts to manipulate it into a joint lock.

Sounds shitty, I don't know why that instructor thought it would work. But like I said, lots of bujers are allergic to critical thinking.

Did they leave because of Prather, or do they still adhere to his wacky-ass teachings?
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transparent10px.gif Style: nejad-tai nui

I knew Jeff quite well when he and I were in law school together. He was one of the best black belts that I have met, very dedicated and very good. He had been a police officer and ended up heading for the military. He had a very good sense of humor and was the type of person that would stand beside you through thick or thin. Have not seen or heard of him since 1984 so I am glad he is doing well.
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transparent10px.gif Style: Bujinkan

They left Jeff Prather, because of the way he was doing things and the things that he was doing to people. They still are using the same Warriorschool manual to teach with and the wacky-ass teachings. Jeff Skillman, one of the Warriorschools top people, has been with them. Jeff Skillman has been teaching Passages program and recruiting at various Bujinkan seminars for the Passages program.
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Sounds like a good way to make money.People will sign up to anything without looking into its background eg swan type groups etc
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Warriorschool Manual
Someone put the Warriorschool Manual, on some torrent web sites call So if you need a manual to help you get started in the job of being a cult leader and/or what BS to watch out for. Download it and read.
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i wnet to a MA school that admitted they were a cult , i also discovered that they were using brainwashing tequniques on me. i found this out when i went to a conference in germany on cults and their recruitment tequniques .

vist - Trance institute ( trance abuse / scizophrenia and trance )