Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ridiculous new Warriorschool Videos

Alright, we have some more videos from Warrior School Cult. Wonderfully enough Jeff Prather himself stars in them. If anyone is unfamiliar with Jeff Prather then this first video will be a real treat. It actually shows his best side. A patriot, a charismatic, caring, gentle and strong guy teaching the troops how to survive in a combat environment. I especially liked what he said about winning hearts and minds in the middle east. The fact that he mentioned it is a war of ideas and that we need to respect the Iraqi's cultural differences pleasantly reminded me of the times I spent with Prather, before everything went absolutely insane. If you have never seen Prather at his best, then this is a decent example of what people are attracted to. But stay tuned, it gets better or dare I say much much worse.

Here is an advertisement they made for one of their products. I don't know if they designed it or are merely marketing it for profit. Nothing wrong with that. But I just remember watching it and thinking it was utterly ridiculous. Watch it for yourself. No major analysis here. Just check it out and see if you don't get some laughs out of it.

And now for the final video review. This one is just fantastically embarrassing. The video titled Air Defense will teach you how to rescue everyone on a hijacked airplane. The words fail me to express my initial reaction. Maybe later I can get into it a bit more. I don't know where they got those poor actors from. The ones sitting down in the airplane. Whenever Prather talks about slitting someones throat or however he puts it, the passengers have this look of shock and horror on their faces. I wonder how much he paid them to do the video. Where did he find them? I am sure they are embarrassed to be associated with something so cheesy. But for those of us who want to laugh at Warriorschool and Prather it is a great video.

Watch it and laugh.

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