Tuesday, August 19, 2008

American Pimp vs Warriorschool Comparison

Random unedited ideas comparing Pimping in the United States of America to the experience of being in Warriorschool and a student of Jeff Prather.

I just watched a documentary by the Hughes Brothers tonight called

"American Pimp"

and I must say it was one of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time. As soon as I heard the Pimp's describe their line of work and their mindset I felt like I was recognizing something. Once I heard the prostitutes verbalize their experiences I noticed another familiar pattern. The first thing that came to mind was that this movie was explaining things in a profound way, similar to the way that Warriorschool and Jeff Prather had explained things. The sex, drugs, violence and money involved with Pimping made those who were involved constantly aware of the dangers of life. In order to survive they had to live like soldiers. Sure their goals might not have been virtuous, nor righteous, but they were putting their lives literally on the line for what they wanted and/or believed in. For that we have to respect them. Or at least I do. I don't condone pimping or prostitution, but after watching this documentary my attitude towards that lifestyle was severely altered. It seemed like the inherent dangers involved in the life of pimping cut out all the fluff and bullshit most of us experience in our mundane daily existence. These Pimps, although they might be immoral or even criminal, had an attitude and approach to life that was raw and real. The pimp's were accomplished, sophisticated, charismatic and no-nonsense type people who dealt with reality as it was and not how it was supposed to be. These pimps had a mission to make money and get sex and they didn't care what laws or obstacles might stand in their way. They were going to do what they wanted to do and they just didn't care what the consequences were going to be. In their minds they didn't really think they were doing anything wrong. Rich and successful people want access to good sex at a moments notice, and the pimp provides the service in an efficient manner. They know sex is legal, selling things is legal, so in their minds selling sex is 'legal', the government just doesn't know it yet. While it is 'illegal' it is scarce. Basic economics tell us that when demand is high and supply is low the commodity in question can command a high price. The pimps and prostitutes want to provide that service and reap the rewards.

You can probably watch the whole movie on YouTube. Here is at least one part of the video.

Some of the similarities between the pimping and warriorschool that stuck out to me were the elements of danger.

The Pimps controlled the sex, they carefully managed the money, avoided violence as much as they could and definitely didn't want drugs involved. Their goal was to make money over the long term. In Warriorschool they also had a goal to spiritually advance people, train them to be empowered citizens, develop a business or whatever. In order to attain their goal they also controlled the sex, the spending of money, avoided violence and discouraged drugs. Instead of using sex as their product, warriorschool used violence and war training to engage people. Same shit different toilet.

I always wondered why a prostitute would even ever want a pimp. Why doesn't she just prostitute herself? Or in the case of Warriorschool why did we need a cult leader, why did we want a master? Why didn't we just take care of ourselves? It's because the pimp offers the prostitute a number of services that she can't very easily provide for herself. I guess women don't just part-time prostitute. If they are going to prostitute themselves, they are probably pretty committed to it, because of desperation, lack of other options or the love of it (if that exists). Prostitutes are probably doing it full time and often times they are showing up late to the game and don't know everything that is going on. The pimp knows the streets, he knows the clients, he knows the legal system, he knows the money, he knows how to get clients and knows how to train the girls on how to stay safe. Almost all pimps interviewed said that they give the girls 0% of the income. They give the girls, nothing, nada, zilch, zero! The pimp provides 100% of the girls housing, food, medical bills, phone, protection, transportation and bail money. All the woman has to provide is her clean/healthy body and the time on the street. The pimp is providing her with a valuable, consistent, developed and powerful service. He is in essence the entrepreneur and she is the commodity. If the women involved in prostitution were very sophisticated, educated, ambitious, well balanced and independent they might not be involved in the "illegal" lifestyle of prostitution. But maybe due to desperation, inability, laziness or as victims of manipulation and exploitation they allow the pimp to be their boss. By allowing the pimp to control the very foundations of their existence, they indefinitely and completely bind themselves to him. Part of the pimps success depends on his level of absolute control over the womens bodies, minds, hearts and lives. Giving the women extra money and/or a savings account would erode the very control the pimp seeks over her life. Jeff Prather and Warriorschool were also providing a service to those of us who were a part of it. Jeff Prathers experience was far reaching and far more intricate than I ever imagined. He taught us things, most people will never have a chance to learn. It was liberating to face your fears, find your weaknesses, push yourself to the limit and connect with others who were doing the same. Learning about the very extremes of life gave me a great sense of calm, peace and relief. I felt like I had a compass and map for life, whereas most others around me were slaves, zombies and lost souls. That was exceptionally satisfying and Jeff Prather was predominantly responsible for that wisdom. Unlike the pimp, Jeff Prather was encouraging us to take all of the powerful matters of life into our own hands and allowed us to network with others who would help empower us. He called himself the 'anti-cult' and he really did try to liberate us. But sadly human nature is retarded, weak and stupid. Because of the great things he taught us, the power he made us feel within ourselves we naturally surrendered ourselves to him and his teaching, similar to the prostitutes surrendering to their pimp. When the prostitutes talk about their pimp, you can see an appreciation and satisfaction in them. They are grateful for their pimp, even if he hits them or is mean to them. They figure it is for their own good and success in their dangerous life and business. You can tell that the pimp is fulfilling a deep psychological need and void in the prostitutes life. The prostitutes get attached to their pimp and some even fall in love with him in a unique kind of way. Even though they share sex, money and companionship the pimp made it very clear that he doesn't date his prostitutes as girlfriends. Pimping and prostitution are pure business and that cuts out a lot of bullshit. That way a lot can get done. Jeff Prather also took our money, shared companionship, teaching and training with us. He also used to say: "I am not your friend, I am your teacher", "I am not your equal, I am teaching you respect and manners". The atmosphere he created was a militaristic one and it allowed us also to cut out the bullshit and get a lot of stuff done.

There seemed to be a number of different type of pimps. There are the drug addict abusive pimps, the aggressive and threatening pimps and the fair business minded pimps. Depending on what caliber of a woman you are and what type of boss you want, women in America generally can choose what type of pimp they want. Working together seemed to be a synergistic relationship for both parties. Together they both could accomplish more, and it seemed like the Pimp enjoyed the womens money and sex, and the woman enjoyed the man's companionship, power and provision. They were each fulfilling roles for the other that the other didn't feel they could do alone. There was a deep level of trust, commitment and bonding that developed between the two. The fact that they were defying the system, risking imprisonment, serving the rich and powerful was intriguing to both of them. In their minds they were both achieving things together that they couldn't do on their own. I knew of myself that I could choose to live many different lifestyles and could hang out with many different groups. I wanted to push myself to the max, learn as much about different types of living and hang out with the most radical people. I found that in Warriorschool and therefore threw myself into that full force. Sure occasionally it was awkward, uncomfortable or hard, but I also felt like I was doing things and experiencing things I never could have on my own. Like the prostitutes I also formed a deep bond with the warriorschoolers and Prather in the face of the dangerous training we were engaging in and the challenges we were preparing for. Psychologically I also became very attached to him and the organization, similarly to the prostitutes. The fact that it might turn bad or be slightly bad for me at the time, was not a major factor. The benefits far outweighed the negative and like the prostitutes I was willing to stick in there and do what needed to be done.

Being part of Warriorschool and seeing Jeff Prather do things and teach us things we never knew was possible was amazing. He had experience, skills and stories that many of us knew we couldn't nor wouldn't ever replicate. Just to be in his presence was awesome. I knew I could never do what he did and I didn't have the skills to apply all of his lessons to the degree that it was possible. All I knew was that he was opening up my perception of reality, that I could trust him, that being around him was hard, but it was worth it. I was willing to give up meat, sex, friends, family, personal autonomy, old habits, money, time and travel to learn what it was he had to teach. I was also willing to do things that were against my nature, because I felt that his goal was to help me overcome obstacles. I am sure many others felt the same way, and truly I don't regret having given up those things to learn from the man. I'd say it was worth it. I am just glad I didn't get ultimately destroyed in the end. Watching American Pimp showed me that the prostitutes had the exact same attitude I did. Their Pimp offered them shelter, food and a lifestyle they didn't think they could achieve on their own. Their Pimp would be a boyfriend/father substitute that they otherwise wouldn't be able to get. They felt that they could trust him (more than anyone else) and that he was opening their perception of reality by introducing them to stars and other successful people and taking them on trips around the world. In the end the prostitutes would end up in jail or in the mental institution, but they probably knew that and were willing to pay the price for that. I was just amazed how the psychology somewhat overlapped.

One of the prostitutes said that this was her attitude towards being beaten:
"He'll kick my ass, but that is only if I fuck up." I am paraphrasing, but what she is saying to me is that he is correcting me and keeping me out of jail, out of the homeless shelters and in this life style, he listens to me and helps me and I appreciate him)

Those women want and need someone to dominate and encapsulate their mind and life. They need a strong person around them, to shelter them, make them feel safe, allow them to do what it is they know how to do, so they can relax and be a woman. They don't want to do a million things they don't know how to do all at once. They just want to work and live. They have found that they know how to do prostitution and how to live, but they don't know how to do any other work that pays as well. I am not saying all women are like this or even that all prostitutes are like this. I am just writing this out to get into their minds and to understand them. My goal is to find parallels to my own life within Warriorschool.

Men feel powerful when they have a faithful woman and/or companion. We enjoy sex, influence and control. We like being somebody, we like respect, we like control. It is satisfying to us. Or at least it is to me and I can't speak for women. I think Jeff Prather found all those things in Warriorschool. People believed he was the 'Neo Christo' and they treated him like that. He played the role of a mystic and a general. Cult leaders seek to gain complete control over their cult subjects and although Jeff Prather maybe didn't set out to do that, it began to cultivate itself. Human psychology tends towards hero worship and Jeff Prather may have begun to play into it more and more as time went on. As the organization picked up more momentum, the delusions had more time to intensify and now the dynamics of the organization have become very cultish and Jeff Prather has become very much a cult leader. I think Jeff Prather really believes in his own delusions and his subjects have fallen into the most primal psychological traps and feed his delusions. It all takes on a life of its own and people loose perspective. Jeff Prather had the ultimate impact on those of us in Warriorschool and I imagine it must have been very satisfying and edifying for him. I know being around him was satisfying and edifying for me, and I was mainly receiving. I wasn't known as the one dishing out all the wisdom.

There were some definitely primal psychology lessons contained in the movie. For instance one Pimp discussed how important it was to choose your words carefully when you are dealing with a prostitute. Her whole lifestyle involves the continued seduction, manipulation and repeated exploitation of men. Therefore when she is dealing with her Pimp it is only natural for her to try to do the same things to him. The pimp said that you have to be careful when you say to a prostitute "I am going to kill you", because the prostitute will test you and your word. She will do something that will be so bad, that you really should follow through on your word. He said that you "Just beat her so bad, that she thinks you are going to kill her" that way she gets the point and you can keep her around to keep making you money. He said: "You have to beat her so bad that she believes you are going to kill her and she says 'Oh, don't kill me. I won't do that again, I will change. Please let me live. I promise I am changed.' and from that point on you have yourself a good 'ho'." Another guy said that "Everyone needs to get slapped at some point in their lives" and that it was necessary for him to hit his women for them to respect him. Sometimes I lay down the boom hand he said. Jeff Prather would also talk about 'thumping people' and 'giving them major course corrections that were uncomfortable'. He would also take people to that psychological edge. He hit me on numerous occasions to make a point to me, and I thought it was great. I really admired him for it and respected him for it. It was amazing for a pimp to explain those dynamics so clearly and for me to see how it affected my own life. In the end it all boils down to basic human psychology. I think most 'lost souls' in the civilian world learn about these things through osmosis and chance, but some of us learn the full context of life because of intense teachers. Whoever brings these lessons to you will have that power over you, if they request it or not, it is our tendency as humans to give it.

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