Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jeff Prather Terrible Cult Leader As A Person

Here is a comment post I left on one of the fellow blogs that are trying to expose Jeff Prather and his Warriorschool organization. It seems that most people who post comments on the internet were not deeply connected to Jeff Prather. Most everyone has had contact with some of Jeff Prathers' unprofessional idiot bracelets or apprentices. Others met Prather in an unfavorable way or whatever. It seems like people are immediately certain that he is such a terrible person. This is no defense of Jeff Prather or Warriorschool, I am sure as a whole and in the end they are both doing severe damage, but I just wanted people to know that if you sincerely spent time with Jeff Prather to learn and study under him that he was a great guy personally. Sure that is how cults are built, the leader is charismatic and love bombs you, then indoctrinates you and then owns you as a cult slave. But isn't that the danger with any group, movement or leader? This was a very extreme organization so the possible danger was extreme. I am sure he is possibly a very bad and sad person, but the side I met was awesome. Sure it may have been a sugar coated, manipulating, deceptive side, but it was great. After disassociating myself from him and the organization I have continued with the benefits I gained from that experience and have continued to cultivate myself. This experience has been priceless to me and I appreciate him and others in the organization for those lessons. I just wanted to make that clear, because painting Jeff Prather as an absolutely obvious scum bag is just not true as I saw it.

Here is what I wrote:

You might think this is stupid and censor this comment, but I only ever saw Jeff Prather loose his temper once in 4 years. Personally I always appreciated his intensity and boldness. He was always courteous, kind and respectful to me. Sure he may have lied to people about some bullshit stuff here and there, but you had to be a fairly 'true believer' to hear that stuff first hand. I know for certain that he injured a few of his students, but I can't say for certain that he meant it all in a malicious and evil egotistical way. When you do dangerous training for 10+ years, someone is bound to get hurt. I don't remember him as a rude, mean, confrontational or disrespectful person. I never saw him argue with anyone in a bad way either. My main problem with Jeff Prather is that he has built an organization that is and will go further out of control as a cult and people will be severely injured on every level. You can see where it will be going.

But as a person I remember him as an awesome guy. I can't speak to physical abuse, rape, retaliation, financial exploitation or whatever. Any of those could be true, but I had no major ability to see or hear about those things. Even when he injured the students it really seemed like a fluke and a possible accident. From my interactions with him he was overwhelmingly professional, exceptionally virtuous and profoundly insightful. I never understood the advanced hokus pokus bullshit, nor was I able to clearly corroborate it, so I never got the idea that he was a hypocrite or a liar. But as a human being he was amazing. Now don't get me wrong, he is delusional, and since 2001 or so on the madness has become evident, but while I was around it was all still pretty cool. Remember there had only been a few Bracelets published and people didn't talk about advanced stuff. It was all designed for you to experience things on your own.

I guess that is why I liked Jeff Prather so much and I was willing to go along with the organization for so long. He tried to teach us how to be independent, free and empowered. I have to say that it worked for me and the organization didn't end up tricking me into being a warriorschool/jeff prather slave. I have hung out with some other outrageous people like Jeff Prather and no one taught nor encouraged freedom and the development of virtues like he did. No one was as consistently professional as he was over those 4 years and no one since or to come will probably be offering such an unbelievable combination of experiences.

I just wanted to put that out there, because a lot of people on the internet only know what they have read about Jeff Prather or maybe they confronted him in a skeptical/challenging way and he defended himself. Of course that would paint a terrible picture of him. Some people on the internet lost a family member to the organization or read the Bracelets and know right away he is a 'terrible guy'.

Anyway, I am concerned about the people Jeff Prather is enslaving in his cult and or hurting, but as a person I can't say he ever 'really' pissed me off. Now when I hang out with Joe Shmoe off the street they consistently can piss me off to the max. Within warriorschool 90% of the people including Jeff Prather were exceptional compared to Joe Shmoe off the street. That's why I consider Prather part of the 23 awesome people I met in warriorschool. That doesn't mean he isn't immoral or a criminal. It just means that he has something right, that most people never will get, nor will experience. Maybe my perspective is skewed, because I sincerely wanted to learn from him. In the end I am glad I met him, I just hope that the organization doesn't destroy too many peoples lives.

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John said...

I am sorry about what you have gone through and how this has seemed to fill your life for the past several years.

I would like to take a moment and try to correct some of the inaccuracies throughout your posts.

You seem to confuse three different entities that exist and are connected to Mr. Prather.

First there is WarriorSchool. This is a business much like other shooting schools. It teaches people everything from tactics to concealed weapons permits and in my limited experience has never mentioned anything about a cult.

Second, there is the Bujinkan. This is a martial arts school. As far as I can tell, there are several students that train with Mr. Prather and none of them are involved in this "cult". In fact most of the instructors are not involved, and Mr. Prather specifically says that the Bujinkan is not a part of Warriorship. While I was there I never heard any instructor talk about it in class.

I believe that what you describe in your post is Warriorship. Not knowing anything about it, I can't talk about their practices.

Good luck on your mission...