Monday, October 20, 2008

Rape Victim of Warriorschool

I was just reading some more of the Action Skeptics web site today and found a few comments I wanted to highlight. They are an account of a woman who says she suffered from rape while she was in Warriorschool. Read below.

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Lisa said...

Yael et. all,
I have done some research not on cults, but on cult recovery due to my deep involvement with Warriorschool. A cult is a wolf in sheep's clothing. The sweat lodge and all the nice people you met, including me (I gave you a ride to the airport after one Initiation I think) are the sheep part - all soft, fluffy and non threatening. "We're all free to graze or not." The wolf part comes out during the apprenticeship part that you narrowly missed. That is when you have committed yourself to the organization. I lost everything because of Warriorschool. I was raped by the founder and told it was a healing. I was asked to lie to other bracelets and simple folks who just came for the "free sweat". You should consider yourself lucky. Anything else is just mincing words. Call it a cult or call it just plain wrong, Warriorschool was more than it claimed to be. The best lie is sandwiched between two truths. Yeah there was some good stuff, but that was just the bait. And the good stuff was nothing new or unique. The bad stuff was really bad, I am (barely) living proof. And anyway, even if you're not convinced it was a cult, you should have a little more respect for those that have been hurt by this group. I'm glad you're out. You seemed like a nice girl when I met you.
12 June, 2008 04:13

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