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Sensitivity Training and Brainwashing like Warriorship Cult

Penn &Teller Bullshit Sensitivity Training Part 2

0:30 to 1:43

In this article I recorded as many quotes and explanations as I could. Just watch the video. I will try to re edit my writing in the future. This is a rough draft.

Penn and Teller explain how sensitivity training in the workplace is bullshit. I don't totally agree with them, but they do an analysis of the process and show that a large part of it is based on financial gain and law suit prevention. I am sure that it teaches people how to be more courteous, understanding and respectful of others and I don't mind that. There are some seriously offensive and rude individuals out there, and no one should have to put up with their crap in the workplace. Penn and Teller however want to expose the manipulative and brain washing aspects of this training and I found it compelling and similar to Warriorship.

My favorite part was of Kurt Lewins who is considered the father of modern psychology. He had escaped Germany while it was controlled by the nazi's. His goal was to understand group dynamics that the Germans had so successfully used. He wanted to develop a similar system that could be used for good rather than evil. He was the original professional manipulator, before it became the thing to do.

His formula for achieving this goal of cohesive group dynamics involved a manipulation process of 3 stages. All parts were directed at changing the mindset of the people.

1. Unfreezing - in which the persons mindset is opened up
2. Change - in which the persons mindset is modified
3. Freezing - in which the mindset is crystallized, so that it will function in a solid fashion without being compromised to its original and flawed position. The goal is to make the mindset function in a subconscious way. Ideally the subject would become aware of their own mindset and continue to modify it to match the indoctrination philosophy. This would be the ideal stage.

In Warriorship all of these stages were pretty clear. The power of any cult or mind control organization is that the standards and beliefs are raised to such a high level, that the members are constantly putting themselves in stages where they unfreeze themselves, change their mindset to conform to the philosophies or books of the organization and then radically cling to the new mindset.

In Warriorship I wasn't being forced by my 'Job' or some lame ass 'Corporation' to change my mindset in order to be a better 'employee'. In Warriorship and Budo Taijutsu I had accidentally found some great people who had far more wisdom than I did. My passion led me to them, their lives were much more sophisticated, I wanted that life and therefore I was willing to do anything to join them. The warrior mindset allowed them to overcome fears, weaknesses and develop boldness that is unheard of in the civilian realm. That was such a powerful concept to me, that I wanted to scrap my own mindset and take on that of people with real experience and knowledge of the wisodom of the past. Once I had made that realization and commitment I lowered my guard and became an easy victim.

I have been to some political trainings and stock market investment trainings which were not as powerful, sexy or interesting as Warriorship. They didn't capture my heart, nor inspire me to an equivalent degree. I was very skeptical of the politicians and the stock market guys who were trying to sell me $45,000 worth of training and I never even expected that they would try to brainwash me. But after 3 x 8 hour days of listening to these groups I noticed that they had put me under a spell. That spell was the exact same that Warriorship had put on me. I became enthralled and mesmerized by the charismatic leader. I became exceptionally happy, because my mindset had been favorably changed to prepare me for greatness and opportunities I had never before considered. I had powerfully and practically performed actions that gave me tantalizing social feedback (expanding my credit line and performing speeches in front of the groups). The training also exhausted my attention to such a degree that my mind was silenced so that I wasn't even able to intellectually or critically analyze things. I was also often confused and the teachers could not sufficiently explain simple topics to me. In other words, my brain started shutting down. By the end of the 'trainings' I was ready to be taken advantage of. I knew that I should just avoid doing anything and watched how others paid $45,000 for bullshit training or became convinced and dedicated to this political party.

The facilitator is a professional change agent and she will start with affection and then move people around to a preconceived opinion that has already been ordained.

The change agent wants to achieve homogenized thought

These manipulations are considered horribly unethical and anybody can use these techniques.

according to Beverly Eckman
Author Lecturer Speechwriter and Columnist

Their training will yoke every individual to the collective dog sled

Carrot = a better way to treat people that is more respectful, compassionate or virtuous. Better identity and wise world view and framework. Bringing everyone onto the same page and avoiding unnecessary or accidental conflicts.

Trap = surrender of individuality, personal defensive mental framework and ability to guide your own identity.

They don't want people who will think outside of the box.

They want people who won't make waves.

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