Thursday, December 18, 2008

Astrology Skeptics and View of Exploitation

Watch how Michael Shermer, the skeptic tries to debunk astrology. Ex-astrologers admit that they were merely practicing psychology without a license.

1 minute into it, you will see how a man reads for a business woman. He brings up things like "plucking your eyebrows, or else they become bushy" in order to make the woman feel self conscious and embarrassed. It obviously worked, because you can totally see her reaction. Once the astrologer placed himself into an authority position and realized he was making a connection he kept pressing in. It's amazing to see how easy it is to throw out things, make contact, give the impression of a mystical sort of skill, watch the reaction and then capitalize on it. For most of us cult victims this is an amazing thing to watch. We were always on the receiving end. Now you can see it from the eyes of the cult masters and the predators. It is creepy.

The sad thing with this video, is that Michael Shermer actually fails to debunk the astrologer. He had a compelling victory in what seemed to be a well crafted scientifically designed test. Make of it what you want. Watch it and learn from it. I found the video very compelling.


Kamereon said...

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