Thursday, July 16, 2009

Warriorschool Contact Info

How do you like that retarded image of the Warriorschool training manual for Airline De-fence? Sweet.

Amazing what is disclosed on the internet.
I like how it says Woman-Owned Business
Maybe it is true that Prathers new wife owns the business. Clever. I wouldn't be surprised if their are benefits to this as well.

8987 E TANQUE VERDE RD #309-245
TUCSON AZ 857499610 USA
Phone: 5208184510 Contracts, For-Profit Organization, Limited Liability Company, Service Provider, Woman-Owned Business 928110, 922120, 611430, 611519, 611699

Courses Registered

U--Weapons Handling Training
Solicitation Number: M0026409T0152
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: United States Marine Corps
Location: Marine Corps RCO - Northeast Region/Quantico/National Capital Region

U--Defensive Driving Course
Solicitation Number: M0026409T0149
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: United States Marine Corps
Location: Marine Corps RCO - Northeast Region/Quantico/National Capital Region


Andrew said...

This entire site is absurd.

The author is without a doubt obsessed with Mr. Prather for personal reasons.
Who else would spend YEARS blogging on this subject?

Instead of spending YEARS on this and sending us through endless links into obscurity can you please put your thoughts into just a few well thought out paragraphs?

Please, in a direct but detailed way, list your accusations against Mr. Prather and/ or Warrior school so that we can all know where you're comming from.

somebody121 said...

This blog is a public service and is serving the national interest.

Mr. Prather has serious allegations against him. Even the DEA removed him from his position. See the 2012 post and pdf.

The DEA insiders had been investigating him for years before they removed him from his position. Due to his charisma and accomplishments he has secured himself massive respect and power in the business world as well as in politics and probably the entertainment industry as well. He was removed from the DEA because his character and conduct shows he is a risk to vulnerable people. He is spending time with college kids and possibly children through his business and through his martial arts practices. Parents, citizens and business associates should merely be aware of his power and tendencies. He will only rise in power, influence and access to the vulnerable. People just need to be informed.

I'm not making this stuff up. I know what I've seen. I am compiling information from other sources.

I'll do my best to clearly list the main facts about his character in the future. The DEA document did a great job. It listed the slam dunk offenses they absolutely can prove by his own admission and then list the ones they know are bad, but don't need to be fully investigated because they might be hard to investigate, and then they totally discount his appeal/counter complaint. I will try to do the same.

Thanks for the feedback.