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Leadership Structure of Prathers Warriorschool Cult

Here is an article written by Jarad that I didn't recognize. Nicely put.

Monday, October 20, 2008

What Does It Take?
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I am agitated. Recently I have learned that an acquaintance of mine is still involved with WarriorCult (Warriorschool). This is the same guy that asked me if Prather had done anything harmful to his daughter (meaning: is Jeffrey Prather a pedophile). So, a year ago he is asking me if he needs to take action against Prather for harm against his daughter and now he is cool with training with Prather and co. Freakin' sick! To me this is a lot like saying "you know Hitler - crazy guy, he just isn't for me, but those, what a gang!". Sounds nuts, but take a look. Yes, there was a mass exodus, but Prather still has a number of mindless followers. These automatons are roaming various campuses seeking new recruits. I can't stress enough how important it is to encourage Prather's worshipers to divest themselves of this lunacy. Recently I met with a former insider and heard of horrors that I hoped weren't true. I will expound on this later, but suffice to say Jeff is the homophobe racist and possible pedophile that I thought he was. We all should be looking at everyone involved in this. Anyone who is supporting Prather needs a serious evaluation. Prather has had rape charges filed against him. Prather has purposefully given third degree burns to one of his students. Really, we should consider anyone who helps somebody like Prather as aiding and abetting. Think about it, if you have heard that Prather had possibly raped a young girl and you go to a school and recruit a new young girl - what does that make you?! I have noticed that Prather has become aware that his name is a deficit. Darrin Ashley is in charge of all the military-wanabee aspect of WarriorCult and his borrowed wife (Rachel Breton-Prather) is in charge of the rest. All the leftovers have been relegated to the Meesenburgs (Amber and Jocelyn). I am kind of getting of on a tangent here. What I want to say is that any affiliation with Warriorschool (warriorcult) is detrimental to society at large. If you are training with Dominic Lees, Jeffrey Prather, Jocelyn Meesenburg, Amber Meesenburg, Christa Ashley, or Darrin Ashley - then your are headed down a very wrong road. My personal opinion is that you are evil. Please Take Care and contact me if you need help. God bless, Jarad (aka Kamereon)
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Quick review:

Nice exposition of who is in charge of what. As to Prather being a homophobe, I would say that sounds very unlikely. There were many homosexuals that were part of Warriorschool. Some of Prathers top people were gay. So I don't see how that could be true. I also clearly remember Prather talking about gay people, how he had seen their souls and there is no difference or damage between them and non-gay people.


Jarad said...

I spoke with Prather's former publicist. I mentioned to her that I really felt that Prather has homophobic and possibly racist. I also mentioned that this was probably not the case as that Prather has Todd Luthehan (sp?) as an instructor and Todd is very much gay.

Her reply is that my intuition is correct. She said that Prather detests homosexuals and only has them teach to cover up this fact. She did say anything about racism.

Jarad said...

~didn't~ say anything about racism....edit

somebody121 said...

Well I can't say anything about that. Prather could be racist against Aborigines, but I wouldn't know because there weren't any at the Warriorschool events I attended.

Prather has Hispanics, African Americans, Europeans, Muslims, Christians, lesbians, openly gay men and so forth training with him. He is spending his personal time with them, which is a lot more advanced than most people I have ever met.

The only people I noticed Prather was not a fan of were those who dabble in Witchcraft or Wicca, people who are weak and or wimpy in a way that doesn't match his expectations, anyone who blatantly associates themselves with anything evil or demon related. Oh, he also didn't like people who spoke on behalf of combat tested warriors or veterans who had never themselves actually been engaged in combat personally. He also didn't like it when people interrupted the flow of his super-training sessions. Understandable.

I am not sure if I understand your use of the word detest. Here it is from the 'internets'.

verb hate, loathe, despise, abhor, be hostile to, recoil from, be repelled by, have an aversion to, abominate, dislike intensely, execrate, feel aversion towards, feel disgust towards, feel hostility towards, feel repugnance towards << OPPOSITE love

I can understand Prather if he naturally recoils from the concept of male homosexuality and/or has an aversion towards it. But I personally have the same response to certain vegetables whose taste I don't enjoy. It might not be as bad as you think. I don't know his publicist, so I can't speak to her opinion. I can however testify to the fact that Prather had very much sincere affection for some of the gay guys who trained with him. As a teacher would have for a student. Also the gays would visit as couples at the parties. If Prather didn't build an accepting and welcoming environment, then why would they put themselves out to like that. Hope if any of that helps. Just tryin to keep things as accurate as possible.

Jarad said...

After a reevaluation of what you have said, I have pulled that blog.

While I still have concerns about what Prather's former publicist told me and strongly agree with her. I'm not going to repost anything along those lines until I have a second source.

As of now, I cannot backup any claims of racism on Prather's part.

tgace said...
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