Saturday, August 25, 2007

Double Check Facts and Urban Myths and See Through Deception

See what people can do to you when you trust them

Corkology - How to modify basic things and deceive people to believe you have special powers

Check out mythbusters

Read the Summaries of all Mythbusters Results

Do your research, I have found at least 2 myths that they supposedly busted, that actually are true and are not myths. Use your own common sense, experience and do your own research.

How about checking out all those emails and urban myths people tell you!


Jarad said...

did the research...and 10 out of 10 people agree - Prather is bad for humanity.

somebody121 said...

People need to be aware of his character and conduct. Even if he was a great guy at one time, he has done some extreme things in the recent past that need some serious scrutiny. Accused of rape, possibly violent, seriously injured people, brainwashing, making profit by unauthorized use of government equipment, deceiving the DEA etc. Read the DEA pdf for yourself. 2012 posts.