Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cults Frauds Scams Deception

Here is a quick compilation of youtube videos and websites that will help you get some perspective on new age spiritualism, cults and other deceptions. You probably won't agree with everything here, especially if you just left Warriorschool or the Bujinkan. Check it out and open your mind to alternative explanations for the experiences you had at Warriorschool. Remember there is no shame in having been part of these organizations. Watch these videos and learn how easy it is to deceive people.

Keep in mind, that this is not an attack on God, faith or spirituality. All of these videos are intended to merely give you something to think about. Once you see these videos your search for purpose and meaning will be a safer one. Keep on searching.

Cult Mind Control Parody and Expose

This video portrays cults in a sort of mocking way. They capture the essence of the cult structure and the cult personalities. It is quite long and slightly irritating, but a must see for anyone who has been in Warriorschool. See if you can recognize any similarities.

Penn and Teller Bullshit New Age Spirituality and Yoga 3/4 (Watch all 4)
Check out these ladies doing a Native American sort of Rain Dance. I remember seeing this and thinking to myself, this is absolute stupidity. Then I remembered that we did things like this in Warriorschool all the time. Watch it and see if you don't feel foolish.

Remote Viewing 1 - Don't feel bad, even the CIA was duped into believing this garbage.
Remember when they wanted you to lie down and asked you to let your spirit body sit up and view items while you had your eyes closed. Remember they would ring the bell to wake you up etc. Weren't they trying to get you to have "Out of Body Experiences", well then check this out if that rings a Bell!

Remote Viewing 2

More of Michael Shermer going through the Remote Viewing seminar. He is a retired science professor and best selling author.

Walking over Hot Coals
Did they ever try to get you to pick up hot embers with your bare hands, endure painfully super hot sweat lodges that actually burned you? Did they try to teach you techniques that helped you develop a sort of "Mind over Matter" attitude. Well watch these geniuses walk on glass and coals! Observe their psychology and how they get convinced and emotionally touched by all these things. Observing it as an outsider is a completely different experience than being there in person. See if you recognize any similarities to your own experiences.

Compilation of Michael Shermer's Scientific and Skeptical Videos
The link below will take you to a site that lists all of the videos by Michael Shermer

Derren Brown and Voodoo
Did they ever ask you leading questions and imply that you should feel, hear or believe something? Once they told you what to look for did you then suddenly start noticing it? Also check out James Randi Dowsing Video's on Youtube if you can find them. Very enlightening!

Instant Conversion 1 - Watch how Derren turns Atheists and Agnostics into Believers
(Do your own research on Derren, I can't say that he is 100% legit)

Instant Conversion 2
How did Derren get that Atheist Agnostic to move? Was it psychic energy? God Force? Power? You decide.

James Randi Australian Deception
Here James Randi trains a young man to act as a Spiritual Channeler of a Reincarnated Being named Carlos. Watch how easily he deceives the media and is able to gain loyal believers.

Christian Child Preacher
Watch how a mother trains her child to be a young preacher. He deceives hundreds of people and collects thousands of dollars. It is chilling what some people are willing to do. Thank God this guy was able to share the secrets of his deception.

Exorcism Bullshit
How many of you saw exorcisms, read the books on exorcism or had them done on you yourself. Watch other people do exorcisms. This is narrated by skeptics.

Martial Arts Energy Strike and Death Touch News Expose
(For you MMA Fans keep your eyes open for the MMA Champion who fought Forrest Griffin in that monumental fight, you will see him get tested with the touch)

Randi Exposes Peter Popoff the Christian Evangelist
Popoff was able to predict all sorts of things of people attending his revival meetings. Randi suspected foul play and caught him in the act!

Check out these websites as sources

The skeptic society

The James Randi Educational Foundation - Perform and prove psychic abilities and win 1,000,000 DOLLARS

Check out Bullshido and determine if your martial art is more Bull or more Budo!

Disclaimer: All statements of fact herein are true to the best of my memory. That is to say that all the events recounted are exactly as I remember them. I am not a cult expert, however, and what I do know about cults is from independent study. I make no factual claim about Warriorschool's cult status; it is merely my opinion based on my experiences with the organization and its membership.

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