Friday, July 4, 2008

Make Believe Deception and Near Death Experiences

The Power of Belief with John Stossel

Watch how the journalist John Stossel examines spiritual beliefs and psychology. All of the episodes in this series are great, but the first part is the best. Pay close attention to the experiement with the children called "FOX IN A BOX". It will be from 1:56 to 4:56. Children can often not distinguish between reality and make believe, even if they know what is true. Some children can't comprehend reality even after an adult shows them that what they believe and what is actually going on are at odds. May you have fallen victim to this simple form of human psychology?

Fox in a Box


Dowsing under test conditions

Dowsing is the act of using sticks or metal rods to pick up invisible signals from water to determine where one can find a spring or some sort of underground water supply. As you watch these people go through a double blind scientific analysis of their skills you can see that some people are absolutely unwilling to consider the efficacy of their believed abilities and will make up excuses, no matter what evidence they are presented with. Surely the experiments could have been set up in a different way, but this video is just one of many that shows how dowsers are unwilling to modify their beliefs, when proven wrong. There comes a point in a human beings life, where the persuasion of circumstance or delusion is so powerful that logic, reason, science or reality will not bring them back on course. Have you ever been in such a situation? Have you ever fallen victim to such an experience?

Near Death Experiences 4:50 till the end

Do you believe in Near Death Experiences? Do you believe in powerful spiritual experiences that turn your perception of reality upside down? Do you believe you have had an insight into reality that most people never will have? Through intense concentration, sacrifice, pain, fasting, exertion or stress people throughout history have entered altered states of consciousness. These states have led them to have profound insights and propelled them to change the world for better or worse. The power of such experiences is undeniable, but are they real or merely an effect of the brain. Watch this video and ask yourself why the people at the end are completely unaffected by the scientific studies that explain the Near Death Experience Phenomenon. Could you be one of those people, who will believe what they want to no matter what evidence is brought to you? Can you watch this and keep an open mind?

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