Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Surrounded by Lies and Deception

Here are a few links to one of the best documentaries out there. It is called The Century of the Self. This documentary discusses the amazing ideas of Siegmund Freud and it's effect on the 20th century. Before his main ideas and practices were shown to be primarily harmful they helped shape all sorts of different marketing campaigns as well as the entertainment industry. Did you ever feel like the system that surrounds you, the adults and everyone in general was lost, wrong and trying to deceive you? Well after you watch this documentary you might become convinced that you weren't entirely wrong. There are some very smart and dedicated people who have figured out how human beings function and have developed intricate systems based on exploiting people's vulnerabilities. This documentary will expose their philosophies and their tactics.

I remember when I encountered Jeff Prather, the Bujinkan and Warriorschool they offered answers and training that was intended to liberate you from the lies of the system. Corporations and those in power are constantly scheming on how to ensnare and enslave people with alcohol, drugs, debt or perversion. The things Jeff Prather had to offer seemed to cut through that and tried to empower you to live free from those seductions. That is why I joined and trained so hard. I wanted that liberty, I wanted to clearly see the lies that had ensnared those around me. I was determined not to fall for the seductions that the greedy and powerful had prepared for me and the only people I knew that would help me attain that freedom were the Warriorschool folks. The Warriorschool people definitely had something raw, something real and something indigenous. There was a purity and integrity that you didn't get living in the city. Jeff Prather definitely had a few things right. Maybe that's why he has been able to capture so many people's attention. Too bad it got so crazy in the end.





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