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Teacher Bio From Old Warriorship school Page

Teacher Bios

Warriorship founder Jeffrey Nadza, BA, BFA, MA, Captain, USAR, 11th-degree Bujinkan black belt Shihan in both Budo Taijutsu and Shinken Gata, N'dee (Apache) Sunrise Ceremony Singer, Dakota Pipeholder, member National American Indian Enrollment Agency, is an artist, writer, and teacher with over thirty years of intimate experience in both eastern and western warrior traditions. As a child his adoptive father introduced him to the N'dee warrior path, and took him to reservations in Arizona and Oklahoma. As a boy he was schooled by the Jesuits, the priest-warrior order of the Catholic Church. At nine he began training at the prestigious Yoseikan Karate Headquarters (US) and Soto Zen Temple. By eighteen he was a licensed black belt holder and meditation teacher. As a young US Army officer, he regularly traveled to Arizona and Japan, where he apprenticed under the late, famous N'dee medicine man Phillp Cassadore (Besh Koon), and the acclaimed Japanese Kobudo (Warrior Way) Grandmaster Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi (Hisamune). As a Special Forces (Green Beret) officer he lived with and learned from many native peoples: the Aymara in the Andes, the Kuna in the San Blas Islands, and the Misquito on the Honduran-Nicaraguan frontier. He was given a pipe and blessed to pray with it by Dakota pipeman Asa Primo (Pejuta Okshina). Upon request, in 1984 at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, he began teaching fellow officers what would become WARRIORSHIP. References available.

Robert Geyer (Nakayen-Warrior/Warrior Benefactor) , BS, MA, writer, college instructor, 5th-degree Bujinkan black belt, warrior benefactor/teacher, has over fifteen years experience in Warriorship and other Eastern and Western mystic traditions. The martial arts led Geyer to the founder in the mid-1980s. He completed his apprenticeship 1992, his first apprentice achieved warriorhood in 1994, and in 1995 he became the first after Nadza to teach Warriorship Initiation Cycles. He lives in Alabama, with his wife and two sons.

Michael Pearce (Dashte-Warrior/Warrior Benefactor) is a husband and father, 8th degree black belt in the Bujinkan, and warrior teacher/benefactor with over six years in Warriorship. He has been studying the Martial arts in the Bujinkan for over ten years, over seven in Japan with Masaaki Hatsumi the 34th grandmaster. He was accepted as an apprentice in 1996 by founder Jeffery Nadza and completed his apprenticeship in 1997, and now teaches with full licensing and certification Warriorship Initiation Cycles. He lives in Japan where he teaches Warriorship. He has also been given permission from the founder Jeffery Nadza to teach in Europe and Australia as well. References available.

Nathan Paris(Yaa'itso-Warrior) BS, is a husband and father , 5th degree Bujinkan black belt, and a warrior teacher. He was introduced to Warriorship through the Martial Arts in 1992, completing his own warrior apprenticeship in 1995. From 1997-2000, he studied Bujinkan in Japan with Masaaki Hatsumi, the 34th Grandmaster, as well as taught Warriorship with full licensing from Warriorship founder Jeffrey Nadza. He is currently living and teaching in Colorado.

Sean Waters (Tsee Peneh-Warrior) is a current graduate student in astrophysics and martial arts teacher with over six years experience in Warriorship and meditation. A black belt for over a decade, he was introduced to Warriorship through the martial arts. Mr. Waters has trained with both police and the US Army Special Forces. He completed his own warrior apprenticeship in 1996, and now teaches with full licensing from Warriorship founder Jeffrey Nadza. References available.

Theresa Zortman (Warrior), BS, 2nd-degree Bujinkan black belt is a warrior with over five years experience in Warriorship. She finished her warrior apprenticeship in 1997 under the warrior benefactor-teacher Robert Geyer. Navigato is finishing her Masters (Enviromental Engineering) in Boulder, Colorado, where she teaches Warriorship with full license and certification from the founder. References available.

Eric Stearns (Tandinbil jee' -Warrior/ Warrior Benefactor), became acquainted with Warriorship in 1984 through the Bujinkan Martial Arts, in which he has been awarded a 3rd degree black belt. Completing his apprenticeship in 1997, he now serves as a Warrior benefactor by license of founder Jeffrey Nadza. References available.

Todd Luethjohann (Ntliz -Warrior/Warrior Benefactor), BS, CIS, MBA, was introduced to Warriorship in 1996 through the Bujinkan Martial Arts, in which he has been awarded a 5th degree black belt. He currently serves in hospital healthcare administration. He completed his apprenticeship directly under founder Jeffrey Nadza in 1997, and is now jointly licensed with other Tucson Intensive instructors to teach Warriorship intensives. References available.

David Frye (Nogutline-Warrior), BS, MS. is a husband and father. Frye has been awarded the rank of forth degree black belt in the Bujinkan Martial Arts. Introduced to Warriorship in 1993, he completed his apprenticeship with founder Jeffrey Nadza in 1997. He is jointly licensed with other Tucson Intensive instructors by Jeffrey Nadza to teach Warriorship intensives. References available.

Brian Kowalski (Nata'tsay-Warrior), BS,MS, is a husband and father. He served 15 years in the US Army. He now serves as a Police Officer and has been awarded a forth degree black belt through the Bujinkan dojo. A student of Warriorship since 1992, he completed his apprenticeship directly under founder Jeffrey Nadza in 1996 and is now jointly licensed with other Tucson Intensive instructors by Jeffrey Nadza to teach Warriorship intensives. References available.

Phillip Legare, (Deleecho-Warrior), BS, MSgt, USMC Retired, combat veteran, and Warrior. He is a Shihan (11th degree black belt) in Budo Taijutsu and Shinken Gata under Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, and recipient of three Bujinkan Gold Dragon Medals. Phillip is fully licensed to teach Warriorship and accept apprentices by founder Jeffrey Nadza. Together, he and licensed Healer, Penny Telfer (Itzaa'niyaa) teach Warriorship in the U.S. and British Columbia, Canada.

Gregory Heeg (Dilhil Ba'cho-Warrior), started Warriorship in 1986 and apprenticed under founder Jeffrey Nadza. He is a 7th dan in the Bujinkan dojo and has trained in Japan with Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi. A sacred prayer pipe was blessed and gifted to him by Dakota pipe-bearer Jack Waterman. He has devoted over eighteen years with the Sisters of Notre Dame. He is fully licensed to teach Warriorship. References available

Cary Irvin (Yil Dah'nldoh-Warrior) BA, 3rd degree black belt Budo Taijutsu, black belt Shinkin Gata. His interest in Psychology and Martial Arts led him to mystic studies that culminated in his Warrior Certification by Jeffrey Nadza in 1998. He is a husband and father, and is currently serving as a Non-Commissioned Officer for the United States Air Force at Ramstein, A.B. Germany.

Timothy Pinnow (Dahyogeel-Warrior) BA, MfA is a warrior, professional actor, director and college professor with over 15 years martial experience in Eastern and Western styles. He is a Bujinkan black belt and licensed Fight Director and Certified Teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors. He completed apprenticeship in 1999 under Nantan Robert Geyer and teaches with the endorsement of Founder Jeffrey Nadza. He lives in New Mexico with his wife, Jennifer.

Will Zortman (Ndocho-Warrior) BS, Captain, USAFR, 2nd degree Bujinkan Black Belt, Close Quarter Combat Instructor, Member, American Meteorological Society, is a husband and warrior. He has traveled in Asia and the Middle East as an Air Force Special Tactics Officer and taught Warriorship across the US. He completed his Warrior Apprenticeship under Jeffrey Nadza in 1996. Zortman currently works in the semiconductor industry and teaches Warriorship in California with full license from the founder.

As far as I know many of these people have begun to disassociate themselves with Jeff Prather and Warriorschool.

I was told that Mike Pearce, and Phil Legaire are no longer on good terms with Jeff Prather. Mike Pierce was one of the very top 3 guys and wrote an independent account of Jeff Prather dead, floating in the air and then resurrected. Robert Geyer wrote the same sort of thing, but I think he is still heavily involved. I heard Eric Stearns had modified his relation to WS and to Jeff Prather although I don't recall in what capacity. I heard Todd Luethjohann has maybe quit doing Budo Taijutsu with Jeff Prather, but I find it hard to believe he has split away from him completely or quit Warriorschool. David Fry has probably also stopped training with Jeff Prather, but I don't know all the details. Brian Kowalski? I don't know how much he is still connected with everything. That's a toss up.

Also reading all these names again brings back memories. I remember Sean Waters was a cool guy and he had a pretty wife who was also training in Warriorschool, probably as a healer. Well anyway, Jeff Prather was always a cool guy and mentioned the fact once that there was a pattern that developed in martial arts that you can pick up on after a while. I had never even considered the thing he mentioned, but it made sense once he spoke about it plainly. Jeff Prather said: "You know that every woman that trains in the dojo will at one time or another fall in love with the instructor and want to sleep with him. The black belts need to be aware of this, and not let their ego get in the way. The women come here for safety and to learn, we can't take advantage of them. We need to help them get strong". He said something like that. Anyway Jeff Prather was always professional and well mannered and I never noticed anything about him that made me think he was promiscuous or anything. How does all this connect to Sean Waters? Well he would visit Jeff Prather a few times a year with his wife and kids. I remember very clearly one day, that Sean Waters wife was practicing with a 6 foot long bo staff and Jeff Prather went over towards her, and pulled her about 15 to 20 feet away from the rest of us. He stepped up behind her and moved the bo staff for her while she was holding on to it. Ok, I am sure you can piture this, his crotch was up against her ass and they were rhythmically swinging this obvious 6 foot long phallic symbol of a bo staff. It went on long enough for me to look around for Sean Waters to see if he was watching this. He must have seen it, because it was so obvious. I also imagine that his wife told him about it. I remember thinking to myself that that was definately suspicious behavior.

Other than that, oh this is a good one too. This kind of relates to other sort of sexualized behavior that isn't the norm for society at large as I know it. For empowerment the bracelets would recommend the apprentices not to wear underwear. The idea was to make you feel more manly, free and natural or something like that. Well anyway Jeff Prather and a few of his top people would often stand around and grab their nut sack, lift it up with their right hand and then let it drop. It was a weird habit, but they seemed to have picked it up and developed it. I had never seen it before and I have never seen it since. It was a strange thing, I tried it, I recommend you try it, just to see what it is like. Anyway it is a pretty retarded habit, and I remember at least one of the top women in the whole WS would complain about it.

Oh and here is some more random weird naked sex stuff I heard in passing while I was with all these folks. I remember hearing this stuff and thinking to myself that is kind of weird, I don't have to participate with this, I might give it a shot, but we'll just see what happens. Thank God it never came to that. Ok so I heard that somehow warriors and healers would dance around naked with each other at Initiations etc. I never confirmed this, it just sounded too weird. Oh right, and I guess they would get naked, get painted by Jeff Prather and then run together. Something like that.

Also there was some guy that had left Warriorschool and was apprenticing some lady. She realized that he was 'enlightened' and she wanted that teaching from him. She asked him what she needed to do to become enlightened and he said she should give him a blow job. Personally I never understood all that stuff so well, but somehow you were able to open people's chakras or something with sex. The retardation is amazing. I remember one woman telling me that it is definately possible to give a woman enlightenment while she is giving you a blow job, but somehow it wasn't right. Don't ask me how she became convinced of this.

Oh yea, here is another one. I guess they used to have their black belt meetings at the strip clubs. Occasionally some of the guys would go to the strip clubs and would invite me along. I wasn't into that, but now that I write about it it shows that there was definately a sort of sexual element to this group and it is no surprise that it started to go overboard eventually. No offense to you strip club conosseurs, the only reason I bring it up is because Warriorschool was supposed to honor women and respect them etc and be about holiness and purity blah blah blah, but then they would go to strip clubs. I never quite got that one. Also I remember one guy who was one of the top guys told me that he had been traveling recently and visited a prostitute who might have had a demon and was giving him seriously hateful looks. I thought to myself "maybe she hates you, because you are screwing her and she doesn't want to have sex with you, maybe she is being forced by her pimp to have sex with you". Anyway he told me how he had sex with her 'impeccably' and he thought he had helped her out. Good one buddy.


moorekl said...

How well, if at all, did you know Brian Kowalski?

somebody121 said...

What's there to know. He is just another one of the many Prather disciples. My understanding is that he still is in good graces with Prather and the Tucson Bujinkan group.

Brian Kowalski has an article about him in one of the bracelets.

moorekl said...

wow. you answered.

Just wondering how deeply involved Kowalski was/is in all of this.

Is there a link to the article or some way I can read it? Let's just say, I am not a bracelet subscriber, and don't wish to be!

If a guy's still wearing his magically-powered bracelet, I assume he's still a participant?

somebody121 said...

Sorry about the year long delay with getting back to you. I didn't notice your comment.

I don't have any copies of the Kowalski Bracelet Article. It is one of the first few published. I remember it being a fairly substantial article detailing a situation he ran into as a police officer. It would have been called "Warrior Profile" I imagine.

I did however find something in the Bracelet Volume 1 Number 3 about Kowalski. It says:

Brian Kowalski Nantasi was honored with the Traditional Award for Heroism on September 22, 1999.

Also look at the July 16th post 2009 on my blog here. You can see Kowalski's wife in the background. To me that means they are at least still affiliated with the Bujinkan Yamaneko Dojo in Tucson AZ.

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