Thursday, September 4, 2008

Warriorschool Negative Conditions Analysis

If you consider Warriorschool and all of the things it offers you, you might be astonished. But consider what might be its dark side, that you would leave it all for, if you found out about it. Let's analize the darker side of Warriorschool. If you knew these things were going on personally would you still stay? Would it still be worth all the fellowship or teaching?

Child Molestation - I have not heard of anything like this happening in Warriorschool.

Rape - There are allegations and a possible lawsuit related to this. Considering the vulnerability of people, the spiritual and sexual healing component, this is a real serious possibility.

Murder - I know for a fact that one of the most senior 'englightened' guys has absolutely undoubtedly murdered people. This guy ended up leaving the organization, because Prather kept trying to get him to break up with his girlfriend who is now his wife. Long story short, this guy was out drinking one night with a bunch of friends and they encountered a group of men who were armed. The murderer told the story as if he defended himself from the attackers, but I believe that he and his buddies did something to bring the situation on themselves. In the fight this guy ended up killing at least one person. I always found this story so suspicious, but when you are with an organization like Warriorschool you give your friends the benefit of the doubt. You figure, well he just defended himself from a bunch of thugs and robbers. Now I think different. Anyway, once I had left Warriorschool I happened to be invited to this guys place of work and met some people that used to work with him. They said he was a 'scary and dangerous guy'. I asked for clarification and the ex-coworker told me about a conversation they had had at one time. The Warriorschooler had said: "Do you know how to tell if you killed a man?" And his ex-coworker said 'No'. Then the Warriorschooler replied: "You can smell it, when he shits his pants after you snap his neck". The way the guy told the story was so sick. I was disgusted to think I admired this guy and thought he was enlightened at one time. The other thing I remember tripping me out about this guy, was the fact that he visited a prostitute while he was engaged to the woman he actually ended up marrying. How retarded, and to talk about it. That didn't win any respect from me. All of these things just kept adding up.

Serious bodily injury (ill willed) - I know for a fact that Jeff Prather seriously lost his temper one day and gave a student third degree burns on his hand with an AR-15 rifle.

Brainwashing - If you study cults and brainwashing you will absolutely confirm that this is going on.

Illegal activity that could get people arrested - I know of one guy who was a bracelet who ended up leaving the organization in deep fear. He was afraid of retaliation and was convinced that Jeff Prather had asked him to commit or do something that could possibly get him put into a dangerous prison. He kept saying: "I have visited prisons and I told myself 'I will never be locked up with those animals! They are animals in there". The same guy would get into fights with his wife and beat her. She may have hit him too. Another top bracelet would beat his wife, punch her in the stomach is what I heard. And another guy at the very top supposedly would beat his wife as well. That is criminal behavior and if it is true, then some of those guys who work for the government are endangering their careers. Some law enforcement careers will actually possibly fire you or at least take away your weapon if you are convicted of a crime or domestic violence.

Enslavement of trainees - Ok not full blown enslavement, but something kind of like it.

Illogical and unverifiable teachings - The worldview of Warriorschool is illogical. They try to say that all religions are practically the same, or that is the message I got. If you know anything about world religions you will know that they completely contradict and are at odds with each other on many levels. Also I can't verify if Jeff Prather was supposedly resuscitated or resurrected.

Finding out the leader is a 'bad' person - yes, he cheated on his wife, seriously injured students in bad will and is taking sexual liberties with students.

Anti-Bible, Anti-Christian, Anti-Jesus Christ beliefs or teachings - they will yell at you if you quote the bible and talk bad about you if you are committed to the real Jesus Christ of the gospels.

Drunkenness - I have also seen Jeff Prather wasted off of alcohol and arguing with people about driving home drunk. What morons, putting other peoples lives at risk. That was one of the last things I needed to see them do.

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