Thursday, September 4, 2008

Warriorschool Should I Stay or Should I Go?

If you are taking some time out to think about staying in Warriorschool or leaving it, consider this.

1. Why did you join Warriorschool? What exactly was your own personal reason?
To experience a richer life?
To be like the bracelets whom you admire?
To challenge yourself and get to know yourself? To live with purpose and at your full potential?

2. Warriorschool is a powerful organization, teaching powerful things. There could be accidents, disgruntled detractors and basic human weaknesses that become visible. All these elements can be overlooked. What sort of conditions need to exist in the group, in the leaders, in the trainees or in your own life that would make you leave for good?

Child Molestation



Serious bodily injury (ill willed)


Illegal activity that could get people arrested

Enslavement of trainees

Illogical and unverifiable teachings

Finding out the leader is a 'bad' person

Anti-Bible, Anti-Christian, Anti-Jesus Christ beliefs or teachings

3. If any of these conditions exist, then how would you be able to find out about it, before it is too late? What would you do, if these conditions start popping up? Will you maintain enough of a support network outside of Warriorschool to fall back on if indeed things go seriously wrong?

If you consider these questions and spend enough time with Jeff Prather or Warriorschool you will learn a lot. See if you can ask these questions and what sort of answers you get. If you keep these parameters in mind you will be able to stay, leave or keep enough of your individuality to maintain your free will. None of us want bad things to happen to us. None of us want to support bad people or organizations. Most people join Warriorschool and Jeff Prather, because they are teaching a quality of life we otherwise never would have learned. Just ask yourself how much this 'good life' is ultimately worth. What are you willing to sacrifice for it? Your autonomy, freedom, money, sex, marriage, friends?

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