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Here is a guy named Jarad who seems to have lost his wife to the "Warriorcult" as he cleverly calls it. Follow the web link immediately below for more information. You can also read some excerpts from his blog farther below.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

It is amazing that it is so difficult to find what category to place these blogs in. One would think that dealing with a cult would call for the category - Philosophy/Religion. Yet I worry that it somehow gives credence to Jeffrey's little cult by calling it Philosophy/Religion. So, I opted for "Dreams and Supernatural", why?...because "complete idiocy and fallacy" isn't available as a category.

Clockwise. Prather once instructed my ex that she must turn clockwise four times each morning and then bow to the sun. This is part of the sun ceremony. I asked her about clockwise. Her response was that Prather said that counter-clockwise is evil and clockwise is good. I asked her to elaborate; she got upset. Not her fault, Prather's teachings lack explanation and historical reference. He is really good at the "Karate Kid" kind of teaching, but when asked for references...well, he can't really back things up.

Before we go any further, I want you to do something for me; spin you finger clockwise - as your looking down upon you finger. Continue spinning your finger. Make sure that you are indeed spinning your finger clockwise. Slowly move your head under your finger that is continuing to spin clockwise. When your head is completely under you finger, you may notice that your finger is actually spinning counter-clockwise - oh my God, have you suddenly become evil?! No, it is just a matter of perspective. If you listened to, umm. how shall we say, those less informed, somebody like Prather, then the entire Southern hemisphere is evil. How did this happen?!

Clockwise developed due to the observation of a gnomon's shadow as caused by the Sun. A gnomon is the vertical part of a sundial. In the Northern hemisphere the shadow travels clockwise, and in the Southern hemisphere the shadow travels counter-clockwise. The tracking of time really took off in the Northern hemisphere, in fact, we still tell official time based on the Greenwich Mean Time. Prather hasn't grasped this fact. So unfortunately for those of you in Australia who are currently worshipping Prather - he thinks you are evil. The problem comes in that Prather isn't very well studied, he kind of makes stuff up as he goes. He bastardized Apache traditions where they turn in the four cardinal directions prior to a number of their ceremonies.

I have to get going - past my bedtime. To sum up - everything depends on perspective. If you have reduced ability to be aware of your surroundings, maybe you have a limited capacity to reason, then maybe you can be forgiven for making such an audacious statement as "counter-clockwise is evil". For the rest of the thinking world, we know BS when we hear it.

Again, take care of yourself, take care of others, God bless,


PS: Reading back through this, I may add some more to this, but you get the genereal idea.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The End is Near
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Mornin' All,

I have been continuously asked by friends and family why I am blogging about Warriorcult (aka warriorschool). Giving this inquiry serious thought has led to my decision to wrap this up. I will post the blogs that I have been writing in my brain over the last year and after that...I will check in monthly to keep this page alive and I will always respond to any email that is sent my way.

Why have I been doing this? Hatred of Prather? Haranguing my ex-wife? No. While it may have had ominous beginnings, my bloggin became altruistic all too soon. I freely admit that I was just venting in the first couple of months. I very much loved my ex-wife, part of me continues to love her. So, yes, I was upset at losing her to something as ludicrous as a cult. ...then the emails came. One or two emails at first, and then I was getting a couple of emails a month. All of these emails had roughly the same refrain. I received questions like: can you help me get my fiancé out of this cult, can you save my spouse, what can I do to get my family member out of this cult, and so on and so on. I didn't know what to do. I didn't have answers for any of these people. I wrote them back and told them what happened to me, and maybe try something different because obviously what I tried didn't work.

Then other rather disturbing emails came in: the DEA asking if I knew anything about "sexual healings" or any other "bizarre cult behavior", Jeffrey Prather's ex-wife asking me for information about Jeffrey's downward spiral, had I heard about Jeff burning one of his students, rape allegations, etc. Almost weekly was I receiving emails about horrible accusations against Prather - all the way from blasphemy, adultery, and assault. I just couldn't turn my back against that.

The fact is that Prather has already taken so much from me, not just time and money, something more, something priceless.... I cannot allow him to take any more than what he already has. In the next couple of months, I will roll out my remaining research into Prather's inadequacies, after that - I'm done.

At present I have three more blogs planned. I do have a few other requests out there for interviews - if those come to fruition, I will blog those as well.

I apologize if I am letting anybody down. I feel that I have said enough and demonstrated enough to leave no excuse for anyone to associate with Jeffrey Prather or any of his various levels of cult. At this point, if your not in Warriorcult to save a loved one, then as far as I am concerned you are aiding and abetting Prather. There are so many other outlets for exploration - go back to church, join a community center, volunteer at a charity, give something back to the community instead of just taking.

Thank you to everybody who has supported me in the last two years and please allow me this opportunity to completely get Prather out of my life.

God Bless,


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